Top 10 Ways You Can Be Creative With Leftover Wall paint

It doesn’t take a genius to master the art and skill of re-using wall paint; with the right tools and knowledge, anyone can do it. The problem is that the human race is full of people who would rather do nothing than think outside the box. Today we will enlighten you on a few leftover wall paint uses you can employ in your home or office to bring the life out of it. What’s more, these uses are quite simple to undertake and require minimal skill and tools. Take a look at the top ten creative uses of leftover wall paint.

10. Enhance your kitchen items

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There is nothing as refreshing as a fresh coat of paint on an old wooden spatula, a canister, or a coaster. Out of all uses of leftover wall paint, this is perhaps the easiest of them all. Feel free to change the colors completely if that is what will make you happy-just be careful in the process as you may end up with ugly looking items than the initial ones.

9. Improve the look of your dresser

Improve the look of your dresser

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Your beloved dresser may be old or just dull-looking and what better way to brighten it up than to apply fresh paint all over it? You can choose to paint different patterns or different colors on specific parts of the dresser to make it even better. Whatever you decide to do, go ahead and do it and let people know that this too, is among the creative uses of leftover wall paint.

8. Re-paint your built-ins

Re-paint your built-ins

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Apart from kitchen items and dressers, re-painting built-ins such as cabinets and book libraries is one of the leftover wall paint uses that will guarantee amazing results. Instead of going traditional with the look of the built ins, play with colors to enhance the overall décor of your home.

7. Create an abstract art

Create an abstract art

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If you are into art, one of the creative uses of leftover wall paint would be the creation of an abstract art on your wall. Actually, with the right mood and attitude even a layperson can hack this as well. All you need to do is to understand how to blend the colors to bring out an artistic piece that screams professionalism.

6. Brighten your furniture

Brighten your furniture

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Have you ever wondered what magic you can employ on your old and rugged wooden chair to brighten it? Well, here is one of the uses of leftover wall paint that solves your problem: repaint it with a modern twist. The transformation will blow your mind away. This is among the leftover wall paint uses that always work in a big way.

5. Recycle it

Recycle it

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Don’t be in a rush to throw away leftover wall paint. That’s because, some charity programs require paint for their volunteer activities. This is one of the uses of leftover wall paint that will give you a sense of achievement. Moreover, you have an opportunity to help the less fortunate to brighten up their worlds as well.

4. Use it as base coat

Use it as base coat

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Assuming you want to accentuate the color on your walls, using base coat paint is among the creative uses of leftover wall paint. Spread one layer before the real color you want to apply for that lasting aesthetic value and gloss. You can do this for the entire wall or the wall regions you hope to see a difference in.

3. Add a pop of color to certain areas in your space

Add a pop of color to certain areas in your space

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Among the leftover wall paint uses is adding color to your space by painting certain areas in it. This may be part of the wall, that extra chair that requires color, wall painting frame or the window. If you can envision what your space will look like after painting, nothing should stop you from trying it out. To make this one of the worthwhile uses of leftover wall paint, do a little research on how to blend everything perfectly to avoid having a self-confused house.

2. Paint some simple projects

Paint some simple projects

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All the creative uses of leftover wall paint mentioned before can seem scary and far-fetched for some of you. But believe us, painting small projects such as flower pots, doors, shutters and mailboxes are pretty simple to do. If you are into a textured look, you may want to mix sand with paint and get working. Be sure to have lots of fun during the exercise – life is not that serious anyway.

1. Advertise it

Advertise it

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We are serious. Facebook it, Tweet it, Whatsapp it or Snapchat it! And, see just how many people require paint in their homes, schools, offices, etc. You’ll be surprised that this is among the leftover wall paint uses which are very effective albeit less practiced. Instead of throwing it away, let someone know you are done with it and are willing to hand it down.

You realize just how creative and considerate you can be if you actualized at least five of these uses of leftover wall paint. You will save yourself some cash, enjoy a beautiful space, and even help others fulfill their décor dreams as well. As usual, we appreciate you stopping by our website. Please find time to browse through other reads on this website as well –you will not be disappointed.

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