Richest Philanthropists

Top 10 Richest Philanthropists

Life is getting more expensive, the belief of giving is now generally adopted by the rich. The net worth of several individuals is growing on a tremendous pace, the number of less fortunate ones is appalling! The gap between haves and have not’s has been growing at an alarming rate year after year. While some individuals could enjoy most luxuries owing to sheer luck or to their stern hard work over a long period of time, other are simply dependant on aid from the former.

Forbes magazine is the authority when it comes to the richest and best-earning people. These are the richest philanthropist in people in the world:

10. Bernard Arnault – $35Billion

The French businessman Bernard Arnault the founder, and CEO of Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy, the company behind luxury brands such as Louis Vuitton, Dior and Fendi. His ability in the past year fell sharply in 2012, he was still in fourth place in the list with assets of $ 41 billion. A decrease of $12billion, ouch! To still have some hold on to his money he made an application for naturalization in Belgium in 2012, to come out as among the French wealth tax.

Bernard Arnault

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9. Liliane Bettencourt – $39.5 Bilion

Liliane Bettencourt

Image Credit: Forbes

In ninth place we find another billionaire from France, and directly the richest woman in the world, Liliane Bettencourt. She is the founder of L’Oreal. In 1957 Li Bettencourt, the L’Oréal fortune inherited from her father. She is the majority shareholder, the Company is currently the World-leading company in cosmetics. She has donated to the course of HIV in Africa.

8. Niraj Goel -$ 40 Billion

Niraj Goel

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He is seemingly the new billionaire on the list. The Singapore based investor has made great contributions to the society. He launched the ‘The Singapore Innovation League’ for helping entrepreneurs achieve their dreams .He is purposed in helping 500 technological companies in the world.

7. Li Ka-shing – $40 Billion

Li Ka-shing

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Li Ka-shing is the richest Chinese (he comes from Hong Kong) in the list. His gigantic power has earned him his company Cheung Kong Industries. His activities are very diverse, with a subsidiary company, investment company Hutchison Whampoa. Despite his huge influential power remains Li Ka-shing (what’s in the name!) A “normal boy” he does not like to spend money on silly things. In 2006 he gave a third of its ability to donate to the charity.

6&5.  Charles & David Koch – $48 Billion

Charles & David Koch

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The Koch brothers from America both have assets of $ 48 billion. The Koch brothers have  one of the large multinationals in private ownership. The brothers inherited the business together with two other brothers of their father. The other brothers were in the 80s bought for $ 1 billion. The brothers are very politically active and influential, New York Magazine called it already “tea party’s wallet “. They have pledged 60% of their wealth on charity.

4. Larry Ellison – $55 Billion

Larry Ellison

Image Credit: The Huffington Post

Larry Ellison has been available for years in the lists of the richest person on earth. He is co-founder of software giant Oracle. Ellison also enjoys spending his money, he owns the 138-meter-long yacht “Rising Sun,” one of the most expensive yachts in the world. In 2012 he bought a nice spot to go to, the Hawaiian island Lunai, for which he had to pay several hundred million. He has plans equally for massive contribution to the society.

3. Carlos Slim – $77.1 Billion

Carlos Slim

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The Mexican telecom tycoon Carlos Slim is with a fortune of $ 77.1 billion on the Forbes list behind Warren Buffet in the third place.He has his money earned in the telecom industry with his company Telmex has more than 90% of the Mexican telecommunications owned. He has a finger in the pie through acquisitions include CompUSA, Telcel and América Mobil, and investment in AT & T, Apple Televisa and Altria. Slim’s capital continues to grow, he earns about $ 28 million a day, which is more than 30 euros per second!. He is said to have donated more than four billion dollars to date – among other things for the project “One Laptop per Child” and a foundation for the rescue and revival of the historic centre of Mexico City.

2. Warren Buffet – $78Billion

Warren Buffet

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The 82 years is a super investor, He is seen as the most successful investor ever, hence his nickname “the oracle of Omaha”. Buffet is arguably the greatest philanthropist of all empires, he plans that  99% of its assets will be given to charity predominantly through the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. His fortune is estimated at almost 73 billion dollars. The stock market guru has already donated more than $ 20 billion with his friend Gates, he founded the initiative “The Giving Pledge”, which calls on the billionaires in the world to donate at least with her death 50percent of their assets.

1. Bill Gates – $80Billion

Bill Gates

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Bill Gates, is the co-founder of Microsoft, he is one of the biggest philanthropist in the world. However, he retired as the CEO at Microsoft, but he is now a full-time philanthropist. With Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, he is committed to quality education and health all over the world, a budget of $ 38.3 billion is largely contributed by Gates himself, this is the largest foundation in the world Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates and his wife Melinda have so far been donated $ 30 billion to build their own foundation and other philanthropic causes. The foundation mainly deals with health and education, particularly in Asia and Africa. Gates assets add up, according to calculations by Forbes to almost 80 billion dollars. Until his death, Gates will donate up to 95percent of it.

In conclusion, the list has critically examined the greatest philanthropist in our society that is planning to give away their fortune to the course of charity. This people have spent their life doing what is best to earn money, make investment and they have embarked on a journey to add value to life.

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