Unbelievable Art Pieces

Top 10 Creative and Unbelievable Art Pieces

I do hope that when you clicked on this link you weren’t expecting to read about the best of Van Gogh and Leonardo da Vinci. Too many people keep going on about the same classic works of art ignoring other equally great creative art pieces that deserve recognition too. Yes, famous art pieces are usually famous for being creative and unbelievable but some earn fame for other reasons. Here is a list of some of the most creative yet unbelievable art pieces that the world has had.

10. The persistence of memory by Salvador Dali

The persistence of memory by Salvador Dali

Image credit: Mental Floss

Too many questions and hypothesis have emerged from this work of art by Salvador Dali. One of such arguments has been that what is one of the worlds most creative art pieces was inspired by Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity. Wherever Dali may have gotten his inspiration for this 1931 painting, it serves as an inspiration to help people ponder about how they spend their time and question how they live.

9. Lobster telephone by Salvador Dali

Lobster telephone

Image Credit: Tate

Lobster telephone is a true representation of the surrealist movement that took hold in the 20s and 30s. This involved the believe that dreams were the source of imagination. This unbelievable art pieces was a the ultimate surrealist creative art pieces for the inexplicable way the lobster and the telephone spoke to the artist. The lobster represented sexuality whilst the telephone to Dali was a sinister messenger from beyond.

8. The foetus in the womb by Leonardo da Vinci

foetus in the womb by Leonardo da Vinci

Image Credit: theguardian

Leonardo da Vinci created these famous art pieces between 1510-1513. Laying bare human genesis, the foetus portrayed not just a religious mystery – as was prevalent at the time – but a biological genius, one that was years away from his age.

7. A glove by Max Klinger

A glove by Max Klinger

Image Credit: Art Bin

No one can really point an exact finger on the year Max Klinger produced this masterpiece. However, estimates show that it could have been between 1881 and 1898. Nonetheless, this painting of a man seeing that a woman has lost her glove portrays an intense relationship between the two characters through the lost glove.

6. The creation of Adam by Michelangelo

creation of Adam

Image Credit: Wikipedia

Located in the Sistine chapel in the Vatican city, Rome, this early 16th century painting portrays the Christian view of the genesis of the world. This scene from the book of Genesis of the Christian Bible is one of the few weird yet famous art pieces on this list.

5. Chauvet cave paintings

Chauvet cave paintings

Image Credit: bradshaw foundation

These unbelievable art pieces – paintings of animals – emerged from the ice age, over 30,000 years ago. This was a time where there was no known or traceable form of written language but this artistic creation tells a lot about the intelligence, creativity and evolution that had already taken place. One of the mysteries of these creative art pieces is who could have possibly carried them out. Was this the work of a young child, one approaching adulthood or an adult. Or was it the work of a woman or man. Whilst no one will probably ever know, we can only appreciate the innate beauty and attention to detail given to these unbelievable art pieces.

4. One: Number 31 by Jackson Pollock

One: Number 31 by Jackson Pollock

Image Credit: Jackson Pollock

What could be more weird about one of the worlds most famous art pieces; the fact that it was created by splashing ink on canvas? Or the fact that it created such an organized pattern that is reminiscent of some of the guitar legends of the age. This 1950 painting is a stolid reminder of the greatness of the 20th century in all ramifications.

3. American Gothic by Grant Wood

American Gothic by Grant Wood

Image Credit: Wikipedia

This 1930 painting of a Plain Jane daughter with her father who happens to be a farmer painted a disastrously sad picture of the great depression of the 1930s without unnecessary fuss.

2. The behaeading of John the Baptist by Cravaggio

behaeading of John the Baptist by Cravaggio

Image Credit: Read the spirit

Painted in 1608, this graphic is one of the most disturbingly weird yet immensely creative art pieces that have ever been made. The painting depicts a prison yard with an executioner, three other active participants in the execution and an onlooker behind a window. The executioner has his knife drawn to sever John the Baptist head – certainly one of the most unbelievable art pieces of our time.

1. Slaves or Prisoners by Michelangelo

Slaves or Prisoners by Michelangelo

Image Credit: The Guardian

This is one of the most famous art pieces in the world. Its incomplete nature was an aesthetic choice by Michelangelo who sculpted this between 1519 and 1534. This depiction of prisoners was for the Pope Julius II tomb. It showed the struggle of the prisoners to get out of the tomb clearly expressing the futility of the human condition.

These are the top ten most creative and unbelievable art pieces you could find. Of course, some famous art pieces were included. But we took the time to seek out those who have consistently stood out for their weirdness.

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