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10 Ways To Save Money If You Are Finding It Difficult

If you are facing difficulty with saving money, don’t be worried. It’s something that most people find hard to do. But, mastering ways to save money is one of the most important aspects of your adult life.

In the 21st century, saving money has become increasingly difficult. There are too many banks, cards, lenders, and spending money is just a click away. If you are falling into the same spending traps as the rest of the world, we are here to help you.

The 10 tips below are habits that can be easily incorporated into any lifestyle, and they will not only help you serve as ways to save money, but also better your overall lifestyle.

10. Set Up Your Saving Limit

We all create budgets every month. Savings have to become part of that budget. This will immediately help you decide what the maximum and minimum capacities for your savings are.

Most of those unable to save money at the end of the month aren’t really aware of their own saving limit. So, start by visualizing your savings, only then will you be able to achieve them.

9.  Use An App To Track Expenses

There are many intuitive apps that will help you understand when you are reaching into the savings funds in your monthly expenses. This way you can plan your savings right from the start and make sure there is money left in your account at the end of the month that can go into your savings.

8. Use Your ATM Card Less

The ATM card is an honest enemy when it comes to saving money. If you keep swiping your ATM card across places then you are not only giving in to frugal behavior, but you are also losing a lot of money in needless processing fees.

Try to use cash or other digital modes of payment. They allow for a more human interaction and also enable a constant short term money tracking experience that allows you to save more. If you are using digital modes, set up multiple avenues and try to save on special offers.  

7. Determine Priorities

As you start using your ATM card less frequently, you will also face a crunch. This is when you learn to determine what your priorities in life are. A smart way to deal with this is by reducing on big spendings rather than small ones.

If you spend a certain amount on hang-outs with friends and family, then you can try reducing it by 20%. This is easier to do rather than removing multiple expenses that are part of only 5% or less of your total expenses.

6. Set Automation Goals

Once you are able to set aside a certain amount for savings each month, it’s time to create a funnel that will automatically save this money for you. Research carefully and choose a process that will help you the most, and also make the money earn for you.

It can be a short term savings account or you can also plan for the long term. The trick here is to start short term and then turn over your first two savings into a really long term savings account.

5. Choosing The Right Bank

When it comes to choosing a bank there are many aspects to consider. Whether you are applying for a credit card or not is a big part of that. This will depend on your lifestyle, spending habits, and saving goals. So, consider all three aspects carefully before choosing a bank for creating credits and savings. Sometimes, it’s better to keep the two separate.

4. Eliminate Debt

One of the best ways to save money is by eliminating debt. Use your credit card in a manner that you are always able to pay off the bill at the end of the month, and also use it to your advantage from a savings perspective. This will ensure you exist in a debtless state, because as long as you have debt you will never be able to save to your maximum capacity.

3. Set The Right Goals

Once you have created a dedicated savings process, now it’s time to move on to larger goals. Your savings will only grow if you plan them right, so set up certain benchmarks at timelines for achieving them. The goals you create at the beginning will always be unrealistic and you will have to change them down the line.

Take your time, and create really long term goals along with a detailed pathway to achieving them. Keep repeating this process every few years and you will have the perfect retirement plan ready down the line.

2. Switch To Better Interest Rates

Interest rates will largely control how much you can save at any point of time. If you are using any form of credit you are definitely paying interest rates, and the lesser amount of interest you pay will go directly into your savings.

Keep a tight watch over the various interest rates you are paying and whether there are alternatives that provide lower percentages on the same amenities. This will help you achieve what is known as a competitive saving habit.

1. Distribute Your Money Ideally

Lastly, as your income grows you also need to inculcate a habit of spending it wisely and equally. The amount you will set aside for your savings will have to go into various channels, and thus you will need to create both short term and long term savings channels that will funnel your money in an equitable manner.

There are many rules to this, and various structures that can be followed. Research well about how to distribute money as it will always help you save more ideally.

If you follow these 10 tips and inculcate them as habits more than just ways to save money, you will be able to truly create a savings account that will carry you through all problems in life. The process is actually much easier than you think it is, start today!

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Creative mindset aimed at research oriented writing with in-depth knowledge of tech. Key skills include SEO, both short and long form copywriting, & blog writing.


Nilabja Banerjee

Creative mindset aimed at research oriented writing with in-depth knowledge of tech. Key skills include SEO, both short and long form copywriting, & blog writing.

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