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10 Fun Skills to Learn: Spice Up Your Routine Today

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  • Post published:December 23, 2023

It used to be that learning a new skill was expensive, tedious, and time-consuming. Today, this is not so. A myriad of instruction videos flood “YouTube.” “FaceBook” has influencers teaching us all sorts of things. “SkillShare” has taken skill learning to a totally new level, with as many as 29,000 courses and counting (data from December 2023).

Now that learning is easy, we are free to choose what we want to become good at. We can select the “fun skills.” And which are these? Of course, much depends on the personal preferences of each of us. However, there are some that are popular with most of us and are much fun to excel at. Here is a list of the most fun skills to learn:

10. Photography

We all know how to press a button and take a picture. However, real photography is much more than this. We need to consider the light, the speed, the aperture, and a ton of other dynamic components. Learning photography is probably the most satisfying skill to learn. The reason is that you will be satisfied by the next-level quality of pictures that you will make, but also because these may reach works-of-art status.

9. Trading

The trading of stocks, bonds, commodities, and forex was a carefully guided secret by the selected few on Wall Street. Usually, you needed a permit to do this, even if it was your own money on the line. Access to the necessary real-time information was highly restricted and expensive. And the tools with which to effectively do the trade were beyond the reach of most of us. Most of all, it was considered that you need an MBA in order to even comprehend what will happen in the economy and the respective exchange rates.

Well, come 2020, and things are no longer such. Now, mastering the skill of trading is accessible to all. Digital trading platforms are offering free tuition and free initial investment accounts. This fun skill to learn will open the door to the world of economics, business, and investment. So happens that if you master just this one skill, you may wind up with regular substantial capital increases.

8. Gardening

There is a saying that “if you have not planted a tree, you have not lived.” Planting a tree, caring for it, and watching it grow and blossom is such a rewarding thing. This is the basis for gardening. There are so many trees and such a diversity of other plants and flowers. Mastering care for all of them is a challenging skill to learn. But when you master gardening, you are in for so many rewards. You can marvel at the beauty you have created. You can boast with the size of the pumpkin you grew yourself. You may expand your gardening skills to include breathtaking land shaft designs.

7. Coding

Have you ever wondered how those computer geeks create a website? Well, now you can make one yourself from scratch. All you need to do is learn the skill of coding.

6. Woodworking

Making something with your hands is so rewarding. Woodworking is probably one of the oldest skills to learn. The results of this fun skill are both practical (a table, a chair, a box, or a shelf) and beautiful. Check out what you can do with just some salvaged palette wood and some epoxy on any of the thousands of Pinterest posts.

5. Cooking

Most of us eat in order to live. But you can add some spice to this. You can learn the skill of cooking. The combination of foods, herbs, cooking techniques, and other ingredients is more than a skill. It has grown to be a science. Learning to cook is not a one-off skill. Following the basics, you can expand your skills into cuisines from around the world: master the Mediterranean taste, explore Indian spices, and experiment with fish recipes from Japan. This is a skill that all of your loved ones will appreciate that you learned.

4. Aquariums

Some may say that an aquarium is a tank of water with some fish in it. They couldn’t be further from the truth. Mastering the fun skill of keeping an aquarium will be a rewarding experience. Initially, you may start off with a basic guppy tank. Get the temperature right, take care of the water PH, put in some lighting, and you are good to go. And then, if you have done everything right, you will soon have a guppy offspring.

This will be the next chapter of your aquarium skill: breeding fish. Then you will reach the level of creating your own unique cross-bred fish with the characteristics that you best appreciate. Now you are ready to add some shrimp to the soup. Then there were some snails. Then some greens. Eventually, you will face the challenge of building your own self-sustainable ecosystem. It sounds a bit like the God figure, but all it takes is a new fun skill of aquarium keeping.

3. DIY

Normally, we would call a contractor for any repairs around the house. However, should we endeavor to learn the skills necessary to “do it yourself,” we will not only save money but also be in for the satisfaction of completing a project. There are many skills necessary in order to be a full-fledged DIYer. You can learn the skill of painting, or the skill of drywall construction, maybe attic insulation, or even lighting and fixtures. All of these are within your reach with the umbrella skill of DIY.

2. Yoga

Some say that yoga is a fitness activity. It is so much more than this. Certainly, it is one of the most fun skills to learn that you can try. Once you become an expert, you may compare yoga to a philosophy or an art form. Even at the beginner level, yoga practice can bring many benefits to you, from fixing your posture to easing those tense hamstrings to eradicating back pain. All of these with just the skill of yoga.

1. E-commerce

We used to buy things from brick-and-mortar stores. Not anymore. Today, more than 70% of retail is done online. So here is a fun and profitable skill to master. Learn the skill of e-commerce, open your online store, pump up the marketing, gear up your competitive advantage, and you may be on your way to riches.

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