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Top 10 Creative Wall Painting Ideas

Spring is at it again! This is the best time to give your home a refreshing look. There are tons of ways to renew your home and one of these ways is via creative wall painting. Having creative wall painting ideas can dramatically give your home a sweet and attractive look. By creative wall painting ideas, I mean more than just a standard wall design. It entails using bright colors, amazing geometric figures, and decorative elements. If you are ready to give your home a beautiful touch of art and you are determined to get it correctly, then follow our list of top 10 creative wall paintings ideas and choose the one that suits you most.

10. The Global Map

Global Map

Image Source: decoufinearts

Having a map of the world on your wall, especially in your children’s room can be very fascinating. Apart from the beauty it gives to the room, this creative wall painting also act as an avenue for your kids to learn new things. They get to see different locations around the world from their room, thus boosting their geographic knowledge.

9. The Brick Wall Pattern

Brick Wall Pattern

Image Source: pinterest

This is an amazing painting idea that you can execute yourself on the wall of your apartment. The brick wall pattern painting idea is becoming very popular because it has this real look of a brick house. The design looks so attractive and gives the room a cool and comfortable look. In case you run out of wall painting ideas, giving this one a try will be a nice move.

8. Forest Feather Wall Stencil

Forest Feather Wall Stencil

Image Source: pinterest

Among the best things you enjoy from stencils is that it gives your home an elegant and delicate look. It is a typical display of art and culture, and it is eye-catching to kids and visitors. If you like something captivating, you can try this creative wall painting ideas. This may be somewhat difficult to DIY, but there is no harm in trying it out.

7. The Two Color Painting

two Color Painting

Image Source: pinterest

Here is another top creative wall painting that is highly admired by people. If you like a simple, cool and attractive wall painting, the Two Color Painting would be great for you. You can choose from a variety of colors and combine any two that complement each other. In case you are not the creative type when it comes to combining colors, sticking with the one in the picture above will be great for you.

6. Wall Painting Ideas With City And Birds

Wall Painting Ideas With City And Birds

Image Source: Web Neel

Whenever you are thinking of a new design to give to your living room, this creative wall painting would be great. Apart from giving your guests something to feed their eyes with, it offers a fresh and crisp look to your home. Placing a light source close to this design will definitely wow anybody during the night hours.

5. The Love Wall Painting

Love Wall Painting

Image Source: Web Neel

If you are looking for creative wall painting ideas that depict love, you need to consider this design. It is usually meant for bedrooms and it gives this feeling of love in the air. So if you want to spice up you and your partner’s love life, this could be a nice way to begin. For a guy trying to woo a girl who visits their homes for the first time, you never can tell how much this creative wall painting will help.

4. Blue Wall With White Stripes

Blue Wall With White Stripes

Image Source: pinterest

The creative wall painting idea is suitable for the interior of your baby’s room. The color mix brings about a contrast effect and the white stripes on the blue wall look as an accent in the room. This design is a simple DIY work that may not even require an external hand to execute it.

3. The Tree Wall Painting

Tree Wall Painting

Image Source: pinterest

If you love nature and you want to depict it in your living room, this can be achieved through this creative wall painting. Although this design is cool for living rooms, it will be superb having it close to your bedside.

2. The Music Wall Painting Ideas

Music Wall Painting Ideas

Image Source: Web Neel

Music lovers are left out when it comes to creative wall painting ideas. This design is perfect for the living room and it shows your friends and guests how much you fancy music. Just make it simple and you will see the beauty of art oozing from your home.

1. The Frame Wall Painting Idea

Frame Wall Painting Idea

Image Source: Little Big Adventure

Did you know that you can actually have a design of a frame on your wall? It looks as real as having a frame hung on the wall. You can create any design that appeals to you most.

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