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Top 10 Most Controversial People in the World

Controversy has been around us since time began and doesn’t seem to go away anytime soon. Some famous people actually ride on controversy to remain relevant throughout generations because they realize it is a fire that burns strongly. Controversial people are characters with strange behavior that often disagrees with the opinions of their fans or at least leaves them wondering what happened to the innocent person they once knew. Are you ready for the top ten list of the world’s most controversial people? Here we go.

10. Charles Darwin

Charles Darwin

Image Source: YouTube

Charles Darwin is the scientist behind the evolution theory that explains how the universe came about. He is one of the most controversial persons because his theory seems to have raised more questions than answers especially with the Christian community which has its own version of the creation story.

9. Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus

Image Source : wikifamous

 Just a while ago, we knew this famous musician as an innocent American singer by the name Hanna Montanna and we loved her to death. Well, the young girl grew up and decided to drop the good girl attitude and take on a different attitude altogether, even her stage name changed into her official name. Controversy about her sexual performances and dating life resurfaced soon after and as we speak, Miley is nowhere near Montanna, she is one of the world’s most controversial people.

8. Britney Spears

Britney Spears

Image Source: pagesix

We love Britney Spears too but something happened to her once peaceful and happy self that landed her on the list of most controversial persons. Her talent is unmistakable and when she drops a hit, the charts pick up on it in no time. Her private life however has gone through some of the saddest moments with her children being stripped from her because of her unstable behavior. Depression has also been part of her for a very long time even affecting her music career which was at an all-time high.

7. Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler

Image Source: Renegade Tribune

Adolf Hitler deserved a higher position on the most controversial persons list for the number of evils he did while he was in power. As a leader of Nazi Germany, Hitler not only started World War II but also massacred millions of innocent people many of them being Jews. Many people term him as one of the controversial people because it is hard for them to imagine why one person would want to do so much evil in his lifetime.

6. Gary McKinnon

Gary McKinnon

Image Source: LISTVERSE

Gary McKinnon is a Scottish citizen with the job title of a systems administrator. He is known to the United States as the “greatest military computer hacker” for his hacking activities that lasted for over 13 months between 2001 and 2002. He is not among most controversial persons for nothing; this brilliant mind was accused of hacking 97 NASA and US military computers during this short period of time under the name Solo. He even went ahead and deleted some files from the computers following to the shutdown of the United States Military network of two thousand machines for twenty four hours.

5. Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga

Image Source: pinterest

The fly and fearless music star from America is among the world’s most controversial people for some of the most obvious reason. We mean, when you show up to an award ceremony dressed in nothing but fresh meat, controversy becomes your last name, right? This is not forgetting her ever-strange make up and outfit choices both in her music videos as well as public appearances.

4. Pressident Assad

Pressident Assad

Image Source: The Indian EXPRESS

President Assad is the Syrian political leader and normally that wouldn’t qualify anyone to be among the most controversial persons of the world but this one is special. The US State’s Secretary John Kerry referred to him as a “one-man-super-magnet for terrorism.” Many political leaders of the west see him as a real threat and for this reason, he faces great opposition from a great number of enemies in a civil war that goes on to date. Being one of the world’s most controversial people, he once released poisonous gas on his own citizens causing over 1400 deaths.

3. Kim-Jong-un


Image Source: time

A few serious dictators have walked the face of the earth and Kim-Jong-un, North Korea’s President is one of them. Don’t let his face lie to you; he is one of the most controversial people in the planet. There are plenty of reasons for this including killing his own uncle by feeding him to a group of starving dogs, enforcing stringent yet stupid laws about everything (even official hairstyles for men and women), locking up the innocent in harsh prisons, the list could go on and on. The guys has even warned the US and South Korea to stay away from his country and his leadership or else he will drop a nuclear device on their soils.

2. Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson

Image Source: Know Your Meme

The late icon in the entertainment industry did more singing and dancing to entertain his fans. His name is found in all lists of world’s most controversial people for his never-ending drama in his personal life. People do not understand why he would give up his beautiful black skin for a pretty weak and unstable white one. Then there were rumors about his weird connection to kids whom he loved to have in his houses all day long. Fortunately, guy had killer and unique moves and could sing his way out of any negative energy surrounding him.

1. George W. Bush

George W. Bush

Image Source : tmz.

The former American President makes it home to the top of the list of controversial people. He was a great leader during his time but many find some of his decisions rather unwise and uncalled for. An example is the way he mishandled the Katrina Hurricane crisis and other incidences that happened when he was in power. His decision to invade Iraq also raised a number of questions about his competency. All other American presidents have nothing on bush; with regards to controversy. The list of controversial people ends here. Like always, we appreciate you for reading and commenting down below. Browse through this website for more of these and more.

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