Top 10 Illusionists in the World

Illusionist tricks have never ceased to fascinate mankind. There is always a sense of wonder whenever we come across a magician performing a magic trick. And the rule applies to every person irrespective of age; famous magicians have impressed everyone all alike! There have been a number of illusionists that have bewildered the peaceful brains of the audience members and made them believe in things that were next to impossible. Today, we are presenting to you the list of top 10 illusionists of all times, the most famous magicians; have a look and stay amazed!

10. Cyril takayama:

Cyril takayama

                                                                                 Image Credit: liveinternet

Born in 1973 in Hollywood, California, Cyril has grown more recognition via his online videos on YouTube and through various websites. Starting his career in magic at the age of just 12, he is also the inventor of the magic trick ‘Card through Window’ which has gained nice popularity. Seeing the head fall of the shoulder is a great view for the audience, and Cyril Takayama has made sure the audience receives it; ‘Hamburger in the Menu’ is also one of the most famous tricks he has performed.   

9. Siegfried and Roy:

Siegfried and Roy

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Not everyone likes playing with the cats; well, we are talking about the bigger ones here, the tigers. But Roy is certainly a different one; his love for tigers and Siegfried’s love for magic illusion tricks  brought these two together to produce the incredible pair of Siegfried and Roy that stayed in the industry for over 50 years and amazed the audience with its perfectly crafted amazing illusions and tricks, most of the time involving a tiger. Unfortunately, in a live show in 2003, Roy was bitten by his tiger and their joint career had o stop on several grounds, but their acts of magic illusion tricks certainly make these famous magicians celebrated worldwide.

8. Penn and Teller:

Penn and Teller

Image Credit: liveinternet

The ‘Duo’ of Penn Jillete and Raymond Teller became famous in the 80s when they started astonishing people with their blend of comedy and amazing illusion. This famous magicians’ duo has been known for performing dangerous magic illusion tricks with an added tint of comedy within. They have performed in many TV shows and featured in written books; Teller is almost every time the silent one who is subjected to violence in the performances.

7. Doug Henning:

Doug Henning

Image Credit: ebay

Doug Jennings was probably the best magician, illusionist and escape artist of his times. The reaction of the crowd when he first performed at a birthday party at the age of 14 led him to adopt a career in this field and he never looked back from there ever after.  He started working as an entertainer in parties and went on to amuse large gatherings via his TV shows and appearances. 

6. Lance Burton:

Lance Burton

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Lance Burton is not an unknown name when it comes to showing amazing skills and precision while performing magic tricks and amazing illusions. Having starred in many of his own TV shows and also ‘The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson’, Lance has won a number of competitions related to magic illusion tricks including the ‘Grande Prix’ and has also been granted the ‘Magician of the Year’ award once.

5. David Blaine:

David Blaine

Image Credit: thetwistgossip

Ever tried holding your breath for a minute or two? Sounds insane and almost impossible, right? Well, for this person, the street performer famous for his up, close and personal endurance feats, it was a cake-walk. He got his name registered in the Guinness Book of World Records in 2008 for performing an act where he held his breath for 17 minutes! Vertigo, Buried Alive, the Bullet Catch, Drowned Alive, Frozen in Time and Above the Below comprise some of his other splendid acts.

4. Harry Houdini:

Harry Houdini

Image Credit: art

Talking about great illusionist tricks of the magicians and not mentioning Harry Houdini is nothing less than a crime. He is one such illusionist who lives among the magicians even after his death. Many of his acts have been the guide-books for a number of magicians since decades. He used his skills in escaping straitjackets and lock-picking, the most famous of his acts being ‘Metamorphosis’, “Mirror challenge’, “overboard box escape’, Buried alive’ and ‘Chinese Water Torture Cell.’

3. Criss Angel:

Criss Angel

Image Credit: lasvegas

Christopher Nicholas Sarantakos, better known as Criss Angel, was born on Dec 19, 1967 in New York. His TV show “Criss Angel: Mind freak” has achieved enormous amount of publicity among the youths of the present century and he is undoubtedly one of the best magicians to show magic illusion tricks the world has ever seen. Some of his famous acts include making a Lamborghini disappear, floating between two buildings and surviving in an explosion of C4 Crate. 

2. Dynamo:


Image Credit:

Perhaps there would be very few people who would have never come across his TV show ‘Dynamo: Magician Impossible.’ One of the most famous magicians who is known for his illusionist tricks, this 33 year-old English illusionist has impressed people to the core while performing gags with them on the streets. Transforming snow into diamonds, walking across the Thames, swallowing wrist-watch and getting it out from someone else’s pocket, ask him to do anything!

1. David Copperfield:

David Copperfield

Image Credit: forum.lowyat

The list of most famous illusionist tricks  is incomplete without the name of David Copperfield being there. He is one of the most commercially successful magicians till date and his 11 Guinness World Records along with the 21 Emmy awards speak for him. This famous TV celebrity and ‘Magician of the Millennium’ has performed improbable acts like walking through the Great Wall of China and making the Statue of Liberty disappear. 

There have been a few more talented and famous magicians and ranking all in one single article is a tough task. But we have tried to incorporate the best among the best. Do let us know in the comments if you feel any prominent illusionist left out in the list.    

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