Make Decorations with Pebbles

Top 10 DIY Ways to Make Decorations with Pebbles

Pebbles are among sought after decorative items in many spaces because they are just so simple yet beautiful. If you have come across some pebbles decorations such as wall hangings, then you agree they add style and versatility to any décor project. In the distant past, the effectiveness of ways to make decorations with pebbles wasn’t great at all. The story has now changed and pebble stones are some of the treasured décor items. Here are ten of our favorite beautiful ways to decorate with pebbles.

10. Family rock garden

Family rock garden

Image Source: USEFULDIY

We begin our article by featuring a special work of art- the family rock garden. There are many ways to go about this but it is basically a number of pebble rocks engraved with names of the family members and placed somewhere in the garden. Most pebbles decorations of this kind have a larger rock in the middles written words such as “our family rocks” surrounded by the smaller rocks bearing names of family members.

9. Stone art

Stone art

Image Source: CLIPZINE

Stone arts come in a wide range of designs according to the desire and preferences of the décor owner. All you need to do is collect pebbles of different sizes and shape them together into something pleasing to the eye. This means you can play with many ideas before landing on the end result. This is one of the popular techniques to make decorations with pebbles.

8. Pebble art

Pebble art

Image Source: I LOVE PINK

This one can be easily confused with stone art but they are quite different. A pebble art is a beautiful design of pebbles hung on the wall while the stone art is placed on a horizontal plane. Pebble arts are beautiful ways to decorate with pebbles because they change the overall and boring appearance of any given wall.

7. Stone bath mat

Stone bath mat

Image Source: DIY & Crafts

If you are into rocks, you might want to try making one of your own ocean stone bath mat using pebbles. This is one of the easiest pebbles decorations to make and also requires little time. Take a rubber mat, add two dozen stones or so and you have a beautiful looking bath mat in your bathroom. To secure the pebbles and make them attached to each other, use silicon; nothing beats its power.

6. Pebble hangers

Pebble hangers

Image Source: find a way by jwp

Pebble hangers also find their way to beautiful ways to decorate with pebbles for their beauty and uniqueness. Plus literally anybody can make these pebbles decorations in a minute. The magic is in the double-sided tape used to glue the pebbles onto the wall or whatever surface it is required to stick on to. You can use these to hang jewelry in your closet or just paint them and let them look pretty in your space.

5. Garden markers

Garden markers

Image Source: DIY & Crafts

Gardening sometimes requires markers to distinguish one area from the other. This is where pebbles come in handy. The knowledge you will require to make decorations with pebbles is to paint, really, nothing else. Gather as many stones as you require and paint them differently, allow them to dry and make use of them the next time you are gardening.

4. Stone planters

Stone planters

Image Source: DIY & Crafts

When normal planters have become flat and boring, you could ditch them and switch over to one of the amazing ways to make decorations with pebbles– the river stone planters. Not only do they look so epic and fantastic but are easy to make as well. Collect some pebbles, glue them together into a planter shape, let the glue dry out then plant your substance inside.

3. Painted ladybug rocks

Image Source: pinterest

Ladybug is a beautiful creature to look at which is why some brilliant minds thought of them when pondering on the beautiful ways to decorate with pebbles. Once you learn your ropes around painting a rock to look like a ladybug, your garden will never be the same again. They bring the life out of it especially when painted using bright colors and spread all over the place.

2. Painted rocks

Painted rocks

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We know; so much pebble painting in this article. It is because paint changes the story of any stone to the positive, shinier side. This DIY project is among ways to make decorations with pebbles that only requires painting skills. Get creative with this and you are on the path to smiling from ear to ear with regards to your house décor.

1. Candle holders

Candle holders

Image Source: Pinterest

The mother of all pebbles decorations is none other than stone candle holders. These are just glorious and timeless. Whoever invented them must have been a true genius. One candle holder requires around five medium-sized rocks painted to bring out greatness and gloss. Once stacked together, they instantly become trendy candle holders for any occasion.

So there you have it- ten beautiful ways to decorate with pebbles. We hope you learned something of value from this listicle today. Browse through this website for more interesting reads. Thanks for your time.

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