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Top 10 Creative Things You Can Do With Your Hangers

It is one of the most common devices. All of us use hangers several times a day and our wardrobes are full of those. With the shape of human shoulders, hangers are designed to hang clothes like coats, shirts, sweaters, jackets, dresses… Sometimes, the hanger is equipped with a rung to hang the trousers or skirts. Well, can you even imagine something more unexceptional than a hanger? But make no mistake, there are many other uses of hangers. People´s creativity has no borders and you will be surprised by incredible things to do with hanger. In the following list, ten of the most interesting of them can be found, enjoy them!

10. Lamp Made of Hangers

Lamp Made of Hangers

Image Credit: Inhabitat

The principle of this is quite simple and far from being original. This concept is used very often in art and design – repeat one element several times, each time turned slightly. The result can be very interesting as it is in the case of this lamp made of hangers. It is definitely a nice start of our list of creative uses of hangers.

9. Book Holder

Book Holder

Image Credit: Artists Helping Children

OK, this one is easy and if you´ve just realized that you are in an urgent need of a book holder, you can make one from a hanger. You will need a hanger made of one piece of wire. Then you need to bend it few times and you have what you need. The aesthetic value of such device is questionable but it works. Another example of creative things to do with hangers.

8. Pictures Holder

Pictures Holder

Image Credit:Home Designing

Are you looking for some original way to hang your kid´s drawings or any other pictures? Try to use clothes hangers. It looks quite nice and original. Few pictures hold by hangers can decorate your empty wall. This is one of the really useful uses of hangers.

7. Fruit Bowl

Fruit Bowl

Image Credit: littlepieceofme

We really like this idea! Who would say that you can make such a nice fruit bowl out of common wooden hangers? It is very nice and we won´t hesitate to have it on the table when friends are about to come for a visit. There are a lot of things to do with hangers and this is definitely one of those.

6. Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree

Image Credit: Pinterest

Now, this is an idea! You can make a skeleton for a small Christmas tree from a wire coat hanger. After that, you just need to twist it around with green tinsel and decorate it according to your style. Ideas like this one are really creative uses of hangers and we love them. Another prove that there are incredible things to do with hangers!

5. Small Table

Small Table

Image Credit:

Let´s forget small, simple structures like a miniature Christmas tree. Now we are getting somewhere. This small table is made just from coat hangers and a transparent plastic desk, nothing more, nothing less. The result is – at least due to our opinion – quite nice and original and can make a good service to you, for example next to your sofa. Definitely a price-winner among possible uses of hangers.

4. Hanger Chandelier

Hanger Chandelier

Image Credit: Trend Hunter

Look at this one! This is a big chandelier made from a coat hanger. If we are talking about incredible things to do with hangers, we can´t miss this one! It´s amazing, don´t you think? The whole structure is quite big and impressive. Do you want to build your own?

3. The Art

The Art

Image Credit:

It´s not only about designing of something useful out of coat hangers. There are incredible things to do with hangers just for the artistic impression. The picture above is definitely one of them. We think that this photo is incredible, what about you?

2. Coat Hanger Candlestick

Coat Hanger Candlestick

Image Credit: Pinterest

There is another piece of work you can make out of a wire coat hanger. This is a candlestick which surely won´t bring the shame on any host who put this on the table. The clean and simple design makes it one of the really nice uses of hangers.

1. Pet House

Pet House

Image Credit: petzone

OK, we really love this idea. It´s cute. You can make a nice tent for your cat or any other small pet using wire hangers as bracing elements. You can be sure that your cat will love it! This idea deserves the top spot in our Top 10 of incredible things to do with hangers!

Did you like it? Were you inspired? If so, start up your car and go to the supermarket for few coat hangers and be creative. We will love it if you will send us photos of your own great ideas for uses of hangers. But if you want to unleash your creativity in another direction, why not read our Top 10 DIY Ways to Make Decorations with Pebbles list?

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