Top 10 DIY Photo Frame Decorating Ideas You Can Consider

A plain white photo frame is boring to look at which is why there are a number of DIY ways to decorate a photo frame. What’s more, doing this makes use of everyday objects such as paper straws, pencil erasers, and old belts. This not only gives you a chance to reuse materials and slash your budget but also brings your creative side to life in your home. Here are a few pointers to photo frame decorating ideas you can consider during this project.

10. Metal design

Metal design

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Metal washers happen to be one of the great ways to decorate a photo frame. Start by painting the frame using craft paint then allow it to dry. Arrange metal washers in twos all around the frame. If the design impresses you, go ahead and attach the washers using craft glue.

9. Use fun tape

Use fun tape

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Using fun tape is also one of the photo frame decorating ideas as creative minds have discovered. You will have to rush to the store to buy a patterned washi tape for this project after which you can glue it on the sides of your frame. Ensure the width of the tape matches that of your photo frame sides. Cut in into four pieces and proceed to stick it all around your photo frame then sit back and enjoy looking at your revamped frame.

8. Overlays


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If you have ever laid eyes on photo frames decorated with an overlay design of some sort then you know this is without a shadow of doubt one of the DIY ways to decorate a photo frame. Begin by painting the sides of your frame with quality craft paint then allow it to dry out completely. Cut out four strips of from white foam and make an overlay with them. Carefully attach these strips on to the frame using craft glue with clear-drying properties.

7. Using bows

Using bows

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This is perhaps one of the simplest ways to decorate a photo frame because the materials required include only a bow and an existing photo frame. You can view this project as adding a necktie to an outfit. It is a little addition but goes a long way in enhancing the outfit. If you have a bow, all you need to do is stick it at the top of the frame making sure it doesn’t cover the photo in any way.

6. Yarn photo frames

Yarn photo frames

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Someone also discovered yarns are among the DIY ways to decorate a photo frame and sincerely, we are also hooked to this great idea. You are in a better place if you already possess the skill but anyone can pick it up in the shortest time possible. Go to the market and buy colored threads depending on your colors in mind. Next, run the thread around the sides of the photo frame to make certain patterns that work well to decorate a photo frame. That’s all!

5. Double up on the flowers

Double up on the flowers

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Why leave your frame plain and boring when you can add a little bit of flowers and transform it to a totally different piece? Flowers in this case aren’t necessarily plants but rather painted strips of toilet paper rolls. Yes, these are awesome photo frame decorating ideas as well. The first thing to do is to paint the frame and the outsides of the toilet paper rolls preferably using different brightly colored paint. After the paint has dried out, flatten the rolls and mould them into petal shapes then attach these on the frame using craft glue.

4. Dot the frame

Dot the frame

Image Source: Southern Scraps

Pencil erasers also find a spot in the list of DIY ways to decorate a photo frame. First, press some pencil erasers onto a multicolored ink pad after which you can carefully stamp the photo frame with them. Use a clear acrylic sealer to coat the frame so that you can prevent unnecessarily smudges.

3. Use gold leaf

Use gold leaf


For those of you that are head over heels in love with gold as a color, using gold leaf is among the techniques to decorate a photo frame. It is also one of the easy to do photo frame decorating ideas. Begin by brushing the frame with an adhesive then apply sheets of the gold leaf onto it according the instructions on the manual. Be sure to brush excess gold leaf then finish by coating the photo frame with a clear acrylic sealer.

2. Use paper straws

Use paper straws

Image Source: making LEMONADE

If you don’t have some paper straws, you can get them cheaply at the local store near you. Cut them into lengths as wide as the length of the sides of your frame. Use a craft glue of the clear-drying type to attach them neatly onto the frame. The result is what will prove to you why this is one of the DIY ways to decorate a photo frame.

1. Belt it

Belt it

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We are yet to discover a project that looks better than this amazing decorated frame. It is simply amazing. Using a utility knife, cut out one of your old belts into four pieces matching your photo frame paying attention to the corners (they have to be 45 degrees). Use heavy glue or hot glue to attach the belt onto the photo frame. You can paint the frame with any color you desire for an elegant look. Once you are done, you will understand why this is at the top of our list of ways to decorate a photo frame.

Have you learned something from this list of ten photo frame decorating ideas? Let us know in the comments section below. Otherwise, thank you for your time here; catch more reads on this website whenever you can.

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