Top 10 Best Diy Decorations for Christmas

Christmas is everyone’s favorite time of the year, the joy of listening to Christmas carols curled up with a mug of hot cocoa on a cold winter day; the festivity in the air, the closeness of families, and the exchange of gifts everyone looks forward to. However, with Christmas comes expenses; carrying out renovations, buying groceries for a big Xmas dinner, and playing Santa does not come cheap. As such, it will be a relief to not have to include “decorations for Christmas” amongst our expenses. Below are the lists of affordable DIY Christmas decorations, that are guaranteed not to put a dent in your wallet.

10. Advent Calendar

Advent Calendar

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Nothing builds your anticipation for the big day faster than an advent calendar. A creative advent calendar may be prepared by pinning up small-sized paper envelopes containing all sorts of sweet treats and little toys. These envelopes may be decorated with ribbons, strings, or clip arts. A countdown need not be just a fun activity with your kids; it can also be one of the creative yet affordable DIY Christmas decorations to brighten up your home.

9. Yarn Trees

Yarn Trees

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Miniature Christmas trees are such adorable Christmas decorations; here is how to make some out of yarn and cone. Wrap the yarn around the cone in a circular motion (try using fuzzy yarn as this will give it a snowy look), pin the yarn at the base of the cone so it doesn’t look loose. Once you reach the top of the cone, continue to wrap and pin where necessary until the cone is properly covered. When the top is covered, begin to wrap back down and secure the yarn at the bottom with a pin; then cut off the excess strand. To give it that extra festive feel, cut off red berries from berry clusters (ensure to leave the wire stem attached); then poke the berries into the tree.

8. Christmas tree with Mason jar

Christmas tree with Mason jar

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Another innovative way of making affordable DIY Christmas decorations is by using Mason Jars. Rather than throwing away those jars, you can easily fill them up with sizable ornaments and stack them to form a tree. This is as simple and as fun as cup stacking. A Mason jar Xmas tree can serve as awesome yet interestingly affordable DIY Christmas decorations for the entrance table of your home.

7. Starry Sky

Starry Sky

Image Credit: Babyzimmer

Bring the night sky into your home with a starry sky decoration. This effect can easily be achieved by sticking glow stars to the ceiling of your home. These stickers are inexpensive and easily removable; therefore there is no fear of chipping the paint. This is one of the Christmas decorations guaranteed to take your breath away.

6. Red and White bows

Red and White bows

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Are you out of ornaments and your tree still looks scanty? Do not fret you can fill up the scantiness by throwing in a bit of red and white bows. These bows can be easily made out of ribbons which not only adds color to your tree but is also one of the more affordable DIY Christmas decorations.

5. Sock Snowman

Sock Snowman

Image Credit: darkroomanddearly

Miniature “frosty the snowmen” is my favorite craft of all time. They are not only super easy to make, they turn decorations for Christmas into a fun activity. For this craft, all you need are; a pair of old sock, buttons, a rubber band and rice (yes! Believe it). Cut off the top of the sock from the foot, turn it inside out and use a rubber band to tie the open end. Turn it inside out again and fill it up with rice, ensure the base is nice and round. Tie a rubber band at the top of the sock and another ¾ of the way to the top to form the snowman’s head.  For a more realistic look, buttons may be sown to the head and body of the snowman.

4. Coffee Filter Garland

Coffee Filter Garland

Image Credit: Frankie

This is an easy and affordable Christmas decoration, all you need is food dye, bottle spray, needle and some yarn. Mix food dye in a bottle spray and gently spray it on the coffee filter. Allow this to dry completely and gently attach each coffee filter with a needle and yarn or thread. This is one of the beautiful Christmas decorations which can be used to redecorate your fire place.

3. Hang in there ornament wreath

Hang in there ornament wreath

Image Credit: Pinterest

Making an ornament wreath out of a hanger is a perfect example of how simple things can be turn into something beautiful. The trick to this affordable DIY Christmas decoration is to untwist a regular hanger and slip the ornaments through it one at a time until the hanger is all filled up, then twist the wire tightly back in place. If the ornaments begin to wiggle, they can be held in place by a clear tape. For a more professional look, a ribbon can be used to create a bow at the hook of the hanger. This is an amazing Christmas decoration for the front door of your home.

2. Paper Snowflakes

Paper Snowflakes

Image Credit: Martha Stewart

Nothing screams perfect Christmas like snow! Adding a few snowflakes to your decorations for Christmas is guaranteed to give it that serene look I believe you are aiming for. Most people believe that making paper snowflakes is a difficult endeavor. This however is misguided as with a simple step by step tutorial, you will definitely get a hang of it. These affordable DIY Christmas decoration can easily be taped to a window to produce a beautiful ‘jack frost’ effect.

1. Christmas Centre Piece 

Christmas Centre Piece

Image Credit: pinterest

It is a well known Christmas fact that Christmas decorations are not complete without a stunning centerpiece. You do not have to empty your wallet to impress. A colorful centerpiece can be created by filling a silver bowl with different types of colorful ornaments. The bowl can then be placed on a cake stand with a layer of holly and evergreens. This will definitely give your decorations the detail you desire.

These are the 10 best affordable DIY decorations for Christmas for you to try this Christmas. If you like this, please like, share and kindly comment.

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