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Unleashing Imagination: 10 Creativity With Newspapers 

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  • Post published:November 22, 2023

Creativity With Newspapers | What do we generally do with old newspapers? We sell it, wrap and throw stuff in it, line our wardrobe or cover old furniture with it. In fact, it is our belief that a newspaper loses its worth the next day. But all this is a myth. Who says newspapers are meant to be thrown or piled up in the store room after reading? It has different uses. So, why not unleash your creativity with newspapers

Top 10 Creativity With Newspapers 

Take a look at the top 10 creative newspaper crafts,

1. Gift Bag

We all love customized gifts. So what can be a better way of turning a favourite part of the newspaper to a beautiful handmade gift bag? Yes of course it will save you money but above all, it will be something unique and will add a personal touch.                                                                                                     

2. Rolled Flowers Wreath

A wreath made of newspaper will be more beautiful and attractive than you could have imagined. If you think that the black and white print of the paper is way too dull you can add a few coats of your favourite colour spray paint. You can also spray adhesive and finally sprinkle it with some shimmering glitter which will make it look elegant and out of the box.

3. Newspaper Wigs

Do you know that you can even make wigs from newspapers? If you are in need of a costume accessory that is unique then newspaper wigs will be an excellent choice. This is an excellent example of newspaper creativity. These paper wigs will be an easy and fun means to add to a Halloween costume. You can use the original newspaper print or add some colours to it. Also, you can get it curled and make it in a length of your choice or based on your gender and enjoy that wacky crazy look. 

4. Coiled Coasters

You can add some personal touch to your dining table with coiled coasters made of newspaper. Just paint the newspaper in some bright colours and coil it into strips for morphing the same into a circular shape. The intricate handcrafting will help to evoke a loud and exuberant feel which will provide a classy visual statement. You can use these handcrafted coasters for placing coffee or tea cups on a daily basis. It will help to protect your table and will be an unmissable addition to the table accessory or the kitchen.

5. Newspaper Eggs

Another exciting newspaper creativity that you can try your hands at will be the newspaper eggs. You can make decorative eggs with newspaper and place in a beautiful crystal glass bowl and see how easily you can turn a dull and dreary place into something fun and interesting. While the eggs remain wet you can add some shimmering glitter to it for that perfect touch. 

6. Newspaper Envelopes

Homemade envelopes will add some personal touch to a letter or card and it is very simple to make. You can make it more creative with some ribbons and buttons and gift it to a loved one placing a gift card inside it. Seeing it the receiver will definitely have a smile on his/her face. This is one of the simplest ways of trying some creativity with newspapers

7. Newsprint on Nails

Nail art is something that girls are going gaga over these days. They are experimenting with different kinds of things to come up with beautiful nail art. But are you aware of the fact that you can also try some newsprint on your nails? Creativity with newspapers can be really interesting. What you need to do is, paint your nails with a nail paint of your choice, choose some texts and images from the newspaper, dip your fingers in a glass having rubbing alcohol and place the newspaper print on the wet nails with the print side down and after sometime remove it and enjoy trendy nails. This is one of the most Creativity With Newspapers  that girls should try. 

8. Newspaper Waste Bin

Since there is a ban on plastic bags why don’t you opt for a newspaper waste bin? In fact, there cannot be a better alternative to plastic bin bags. It is easy to make, eco-friendly and can even brighten up your home if you make it using glossy and colourful newspaper.

9. Shredded Newspaper Lantern

You can add life to any plain or old lantern at home by fixing small pieces of newspaper into it for a prompt upgrade. 

10. Newspaper Wall Map

Want to experiment with some amazing newspaper creativity then why not create a world map from newspapers and place it on the wall? Much to your surprise the finished project will look just amazing. 

The possibilities of creativity with newspapers are truly endless. Newspaper is a material that is readily available, is cheap as well as an accessible medium to utilize. The best part about trying some creative newspaper crafts is that they are environmentally friendly. Creativity With Newspapers  is ideal for people who are fond of making things and are also highly passionate with regard to eco-friendly practices.

If you have more ideas, please feel free to share them below. 

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