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Top 10 Reasons to Fly to Mars

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  • Post published:November 20, 2023

The possibility of life in Mars has been made public in the recent years by a number of astronauts around the world. We all await the good news that the planet can support life completely so that we can invade it and have it for ourselves. So what are the reasons to fly to Mars? Here are the top ten of them.

10. The hope of a new life

hope of a new life


Sadly, the world we live in bears some of the worst news such as terrorism, crime, poverty, and diseases just to mention a few. When we fly to Mars, we have the chance to give our children and grand children a fresh start in life unspoiled by the challenges of the present world. They can enjoy new career dreams, live in a de-congested world, have clean water to drink, be safe and eat different kinds of new food.

9. Fresh natural resources

Fresh natural resources

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The other reason to fly to Mars is to exploit the abundant natural resources, never touched by anyone before. Imagine going through the discovery phases of minerals, crude oil, water bodies, solar systems etc. Just thinking about this makes travelling to Mars one of the most exciting thoughts of all time.

8. To ensure survival of species

survival of species


Remember the sad tale of the dinosaurs that walked the earth for over 165 million years only for all of them to drop dead years later? All we have now is their fossils and pictures of their existence. History shows that Earth is too small a vacuum to support species’ survival forever and ever. We require an extra space with new prospects. This is among the brilliant reasons to fly to Mars.

7. To fasten the exploration process

fasten the exploration process

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Up until now, humans have trusted robots to better fly to Mars for the purposes of exploration for obvious reason. The Planetary Society’s CEO advises against this saying it is slowing the process greatly. He says humans can speed up the process 10,000 times more than robots can. Travelling to Mars is costly but if we approach it this way it will be cheaper eventually.

6. The satisfaction of living in a new planet

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Since time began, humans have only lived on Earth. Wouldn’t it be fulfilling to be the first ever people to live miles away from Earth in a totally new planet? We don’t know about you but this sounds like an adventure to us; an adventure that assures us the realization of one of the brilliant dreams ever-to fly to Mars.

5. To explore the pyramids

explore the pyramids

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Mars has been said to contain some structures that look like pyramids. This is quite a good reason to think about while travelling to Mars. We have some of those here on earth but they are quite rare as they are spoiled. Mars would certainly give us an opportunity to touch and see fresh ones which are available in many places on the planet.

4. To satisfy curiosity

satisfy curiosity

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If you are anything like us, we like to fill up our minds with thoughts about travelling to Mars. We wonder what the planet looks like, if it has blue water, if it has four seasons like earth, if the landscapes there are more beautiful, whether the Earth can be viewed from Mars, the list goes on and on. What better way to know the answers to these questions than to fly to Mars?

3. To exist as one

exist as one

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The human race is no longer united. The explanation for this is the constant battle for geographical features, natural resources and wealth. The motto now is, ‘everybody for himself.’ One of the reasons to fly to Mars is to bring back unity to the humans. Unity is guaranteed because when you are in a new place, unaware of your way around it, you don’t have an option but be good to your neighbor. 

2. To have a fresh start on pollution

fresh start on pollution

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Pollution is a global problem that requires immediate attention. Part of the reason pollution is rampant on Earth is the congestion issue. We are too many so that industries have to be increased to meet the world’s demands and fuels are burnt to also do the same. Among the reasons to fly to Mars would be the idea of starting over again and making the right choices this time.

1. To protect Earth

protect Earth

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As mentioned before, our planet requires a little break from the pressures we have subjected it to. Global warming is catching up on us, our water bodies are utterly polluted, forests are rapidly disappearing, oil rigs are declining because of over exploitation and many more. Travelling to Mars means saving our old home from these issues and more danger yet to come and who wouldn’t love that?

We hope you realize there are plenty of reasons to fly to Mars. Soon we believe the long awaited news will be delivered and the world would rejoice once again. Well, thanks a lot for stopping by. If you liked this article, browse through this website for more.

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