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Top 10 Unknown Facts about Black Hole

The existence of black holes is still mysterious and scientists come up with new information about them with the passing of time. For what it’s worth, one thing is clear; black holes truly exist in the universe. We may not see and touch them with our naked eyes or sophisticated instruments but one of the black hole facts is that these holes do exist. Check out other unknown facts about the black hole for a better understanding of this great topic.

10. They are not dangerous

They are not dangerous

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Information about the danger of black holes has been published before. Some of it is misleading because according to geologists, the earth is two thirds away from the centre of the super massive black hole situated somewhere at the centre of the galaxy. If Earth was anywhere near this monster, it would be face the possibility of being swallowed by it but this is not the case. Believe us, this is one of the true black hole facts.

9. Black holes differ in sizes

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This is among the unknown facts about black holes unknown to many. NASA says that these members of the galaxy system come in three different categories namely primordial (smallest ranging from an atom’s size to the mass of a mountain), stellar (up to twenty times more massive than the Sun) and gargantuan (the super massive galaxies). Each gargantuan is one million times heavier than the Sun.

8 . X –ray astronomy machines revealed the existence of black holes

X –ray astronomy machines

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Among the crazy facts about black hole is that nothing about it had been discovered before X-ray technology came into existence. It was Cygnus X-1 which was first located in the 1960s during balloon fights though no one had any clue then that it was a black hole.  In addition to this, one of the black hole facts that may be scary is that next to the super massive hole is a super star that is already bleeding because of the black hole.

7. Black holes do not necessarily suck things around them

Black holes do not necessarily suck things around them

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Many people imagine black holes being these strange objects that pull everything around them into their vacuum-like space. We term this as one of the crazy facts about black holes and it needs correction. Black holes have a strong gravitational field than any object of the galaxy system and the only time it sucks something is when its mass is too little compared to the black home.

6. Albert Einstein is not the man behind black holes

Albert Einstein


We are here to demystify some of the wrong black hole facts and one of them is the idea that Einstein discovered black holes. Granted, his law of relativity predicted the formation of black holes but the man who used Einstein’s equations to show black hole formations Karl Schwarzschild. He accomplished this in 1915 and as a result of his work the Schwarzschild radius came into being, a measurement used to create a black hole. This is one of those unknown facts about black hole that are so hard to believe because we have known Einstein to have been the owner of the discovery.

5. Black holes do spaghettify!

Black holes do spaghettify

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This one is truly one of the crazy facts about black holes to laugh about however serious it is. The spaghettification phenomenon is the ability of a black hole to stretch you into a spaghetti strand. The principle behind black holes is increased gravity. Assuming you found yourself near a black hole, a difference in attraction occurs. Your feet begin being stretched by the gravitational pull and it will be attracted to the center of the hole as it is pulled towards it. The more your feet gear towards the center, the faster they move. The half part of your body however moves farther away from the center also at a high speed leading to “spaghettification”.

4. Black holes rotate

Black holes rotate

Image Source: AAS NOVA

Like other stars, black holes spin faster and faster until they become smaller. Once it doesn’t have enough mass to be termed as a black hole, it squeezes tightly and forms a neutron star which keeps on rotating rapidly. Among black hole facts, this proves that a black hole can reach a Planck length where measurement becomes extremely tricky.

3. Black holes produce great sound

Black holes produce great sound

Image Source: LIGO

Sounds waves are not welcome in vacuums. However this is one of the unknown facts about black hole that doesn’t hold true. If you carefully listened using special instruments, you would be surprised at the magnitude of staticky sound you would hear. The explanation here is that when a black hole sucks something, its event horizon changes the speed of light producing sound in the process. 

2. Nothing escapes the black hole

Nothing escapes the black hole


This is not among the unknown facts about black holes but we would like to remind you that while this statement is true there is an exception to it. If the object in question can move faster than the speed of light, it has a better chance of escaping the pull of the black hole. Otherwise, anything, even light itself cannot manage to escape the black hole’s pull.

1. Anything can turn into a black hole

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You may think that stars are the only objects with the ability to turn into black holes but apparently, any matter can. Say for instance your microwave; if it could be shrunk down to an extremely small point while it retained its mass, its density would reach astronomical levels making its force of gravity very strong. Worry not, this is among the crazy facts about black holes that may never really happen- you are safe here on earth.

There you go; now you are better aware of some of the crazy facts about the supernova. The interesting part about this whole scientific article is that despite all these facts, life will go on as usual because the black hole appearance doesn’t change a thing. We still have to work hard to enjoy life here on Earth and we will keep doing that. Thank you our reader for your time here, we hope you have learned something. Kindly go through the other reads to gain more information and insights.

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