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Top 10 Environmental Issues Humans Are Struggling With

When was the last time we Humans environmental issues were at peace with our environment thus with No Environmental Issues? Millions of years, unfortunately. Nature’s “Slide into limbo” has become Humans Environmental Issues. Repeat that in your head… Millions! What have we done in between? Bingo! We’ve made enemies with our Environment. And to make things worse, the Environment has been looking back at us with vengeance in recent times and we have been struggling with Environmental Issues.

We do feel motivated to fix these issues, but the more we try to fix, the more we uncover. Try to fix “the more”, and we uncover even more. They continued trying to fix everything and let us do the uncovering. And here’s what we have thus uncovered: The top 10 of all the effects we have caused, and don’t be surprised; like in the picture up there? They sure take things for granted, they do.

10. Rainforest Destruction

Rainforest Destruction

Image Source: Flickr

Most of the beauty of our planet –No, ALL the beauty lies in –No again, sadly; “had used to” lie in our bubbly ample rainforest that spanned all corners of our globe. The more we started running out of firewood from our backyard, we resorted to slaying innocent trees way beyond the reaches of our desolate gardens, and in the trees’ indigenous homes themselves. The result? We now face one of the biggest issues mankind has ever faced: Rainforest destruction. This environmental is not the least but it was the First of its kind to catch our attention because Humans environmental issues have always been struggling with environmental issues to make sense of this madness they cause. The picture up there is enough to draw tears from even the most nonchalant!

9. Overpopulation


Image Source: steemit

What can be worse you ask? Many, but that doesn’t throw Overpopulation into any meager or insignificant subset. Where will we go if the house gets too full? And won’t the newcomers regret coming at all? And how about the animals? The Birds for heaven’s sake, they’d run out of places to land for cawing out loud! Overpopulation may be #9 but it’s a spooky reminder of how badly our environment has suffered!

8. Water Pollution

Water Pollution

Image Source: wearechange

Water is by far the most important ingredient for life as we know it. Sure we know the facts but how well does everyone on the Planet realize it? Not many unsurprisingly. They do take the brunt of the issue, inescapably however, because nothing can replace pure unadulterated water really especially when we have taken to comfortably polluting it with our personal favorite emissions and thus leaving its scarcity for generations to come. The more we talk about it, the more serious and sensitive it becomes!

7. Smog


Image Source: skift.com

When fog blends in with smoke (literally, and to better describe its nature) or when it (fog) simply has smoke or soot in it –enter Smog. Ground-level ozone and a penumbra of fine particles that together brew a hazardous soup of pollutants, lay down the abstract ingredients of smog but it doesn’t just end there: when your breath stifle for no apparent reason and your eyes widen slightly because you just realized it’s suddenly alarming enough as your rate of breathing has taken a plunge? That’s smog!

6. Ozone Depletion

Ozone Depletion

Image Source: alternative energies

The next on our list of problems we face due to the environment backfiring is the colossal ocean of ecstasy (or simply “Ozone”, as an extra-terrestrial would say, rolling its eyes) actually disappearing, increasingly. The picture speaks for itself and yes, the expression of that little girl pointing at her injured skin is how we all generally feel about ozone depletion!

5. Hazardous Waste

Hazardous Waste

Image Source: constructionweekonline.in

Who would have imagined that garbage had certain alarming properties that threaten the environment?  Garbage did, evidently and here’s what we found: With an evil grin it boasts Ignitability, Reactivity, Corrosivity and Toxicity. Enough to make your insides threaten to show up? Here’s more: Hazardous wastes cannot be easily or readily detected because no one really knows what “state” they exist in. But the good news is that since us Humans environmental issues have been “struggling” with it, we have, depending on its (physical) state, devised various certain “treatments” and “solidification processes” to balance this environmental issue!

4. Global Warming

Global Warming

Image Source:pulseheadlines.com

The next on our list of concerns that have kind of “grown arms of its own” is a scary one that has been fairly throughout recent history seeped in a fair bit of controversy too. But regardless of whether it’s really there, a product of the mind or a “fire” that had been set off by rumors or the clandestine elite, it is very much there as we can all see and feel perhaps, to greater effect!

3. Air Pollution

Air Pollution

Image Source: downtoearth

The next on our list of subjects that illustrate the seemingly eternal tug-o-war that we endure in the name of redeeming our god given supple environment of the golden ages is pretty devastating if you ask us. I mean, it’s our life force for crying out loud. Talk about a method of mayhem right in a single prison cell; now blow that up and out to span a planet and after injecting that little space in a cell with noxious elements. Don’t even ask!

2. Acid Rain

Acid Rain

Image Source: reference.com

Our next cloaked compadre eating up our environment is as lethal as it can possibly be in its fundamental; to make things worse, it can trap you in perpetual burn at any time it begins its attack till you could be disfigured, literally… Trees, we’re talking if you’re a tree; but if you’re a little slow in gedn away when it starts raining down, you may very well be that tree!

1. Genetic Engineering

Genetic Engineering

Image Source: oprah.com

Food, we love. And there’s plenty! But we Humans have portrayed frustrations in eating what we have apparently. So guess what? We have taken to creating new varieties –on top of the 99.999% we haven’t tested yet? You may think this couldn’t be so unfortunate even though it certainly is not fortunate; because this could have a lot of trepid consequences. For example, a gene that prevents blood in fish, freezing in extremely cold temperatures, when it had been popularized in anti-freeze strawberries, turned the strawberries blue! Pretty scary, huh?

That sums up our list for the top Humans environmental issues we face on a daily basis in their struggle against. Wait, “Their”? It’s us!!! Us who’s struggling with environmental issues!

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