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10 Places on Earth Where You Couldn’t Live Even for a Couple of Days

Beauty and splendor can be found in many places on earth in the form of meandering rivers, hills and valleys, volcanic mountains, massive water bodies, all living creatures you name it. However, there are quite a number of places on earth where you couldn’t live even if you would be given a chance to. These places are uninhabited and devoid of any human activity. Curious? Follow through as we highlight 10 places on earth where you couldn’t live.

10. Lake Nyos

Lake Nyos

Image Source: vocal

We begin with the wide and deep Lake located in the beautiful African country of Cameroon. It is one of the places on earth without human noise following a natural disaster that took place tens of years ago. The Lake itself is a result of a volcanic activity that resulted in an unfortunate event where CO2 gas bled and still bleeds from the lake into the surrounding regions. During the natural disaster, the carbon dioxide gas erupted from the bed and swept through the nearby villages, displacing oxygen upwards and causing over 1700 deaths and more in livestock.

9. Danakil Desert in Ethiopia

Danakil Desert in Ethiopia

Image Source: wired

Somewhere between southern Eritrea and northeastern Ethiopia lies one of the places on earth where you couldn’t live-the Danakil Desert. It is a massive (100,000km2) piece of lifeless, hot, salty and sandy land belonging to the Afar people on Ethiopia. The temperatures here can reach 145degrees Fahrenheit with lots of volcanic activity, toxic hot springs, salt lakes and lava beds. Rebels have also been known to trek the desert which furthers its danger.

8. Valley of Death (Russia)

Valley of Death

Image Source: did you know?

This is not the US Death Valley but a deadly valley in Kamchatka Peninsula, Russia, famous for different reasons of course. Although it is one of the places on earth without human noise, the view here is breathtaking. The greater Valley of Geysers covers an area of 10,000 square kilometers of reserved land perfect for tourism and scientific activities. The real reason it is one of the 10 places on earth you couldn’t live is a small valley within the bigger valley of Geysers which is notorious for release of toxic gases that find their way to the valley floor. Such fumes include carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulphide, cyanide and carbon sulphide. These gases are so toxic that when an animal dies in the valley, the body is well preserved because of lack of bacterial activity.

7. The Arctic and the Antarctic regions

 Arctic and the Antarctic regions

Image Source: stuffintheair

However much you enjoy cold places, the two continents of the arctic and the Antarctic may have you changing your mind in an instant. Temperatures can drop to -400F challenging your body’s heat retaining capacity. Touring these places for a short period of time is totally allowed but they are definitely places on earth where you couldn’t live.

6. The Iron Mountain

The Iron Mountain

Image Source: SierraDescents

The Iron Mountain happens to be near one of the mines situated in California, United States. The mine has a high toxicity level as a result of heavy gold, copper and silver mining that it has been termed as one of the places on earth without human noise. No man could possibly make it here.

5. Matanza Basin, Argentina

Matanza Basin, Argentina

Image Source: OMNI

The direct translation of this awful place is “Slaughter River”. It is a river basin covering an area of 40 miles south of the capital of Argentina. The waters here are not human friendly at all as it serves as a dumping site for industrial waste in form of petrochemicals and other dangerous contaminants. Unless you want to be a victim of these highly unhealthy wastes, you are better off treating this as one among 10 places on earth where you couldn’t live.

4. Snake Island, Brazil

Snake Island

Image Source: snakeislandhome

Known in Brazil as Ilha da Queimada Grande, the Snake Island is an area in Brazil famous for the most poisonous snakes in the planet. Before it became an Island, the region was part of the mainland of Brazil until a rise in the sea level changed things. What makes it rank high on the list of places on earth where you couldn’t live is that snakes found here are responsible for the deaths of many locals in the area. The golden lancehead viper is the predominant reptile here with the estimation of one snake for every square meter.

3. Killer Caves, Mexico and France

Killer Caves, Mexico and France

Image Source: Mail Online

Forget about the old tales of caves being survival points for most of our ancestors, these two are among the regions on earth without human noise. The first one is Gouffre Berger Cave in France which is over 3,000 deep and experiences sudden bursts of rain and flooding. Its danger lies in the possibility of drowning inside the cave when water levels rise unexpectedly. Similarly, the Cave of the Crystals found in Mexico is one of the places on earth where you couldn’t live. The place is extremely hot because of the magma activity below it not mentioning the presence of selenite crystals each as heavy as fifty five tons. These can fall on you without notice crushing your delicate body into pieces.

2. Nevada National Security region

Nevada National Security region

Image Source: globalsecurity

The US government converted this once bare land into a destitute and barren ground on earth without human noise. The contributing factor was repeated nuclear devices’ testing which made it have extreme radiation levels. Thankfully, the authorities are making things right by decomposing the remains of the blasted land in a way that doesn’t affect the nearby settlements.

1. Pripyat, Ukraine

Pripyat, Ukraine

Image Source: OMNI

This location is the area surrounding the Chernobyl power plant which as we all know, experienced a fatal nuclear disaster in the history of time. Since then, nothing has been moved, cars, toys, clothes, buildings remain intact because the area is still prone to radiation attacks. Unless you are a daring and silly human being, Pripyat will always be one of the 10 places on earth where you couldn’t live.

The list of the 10 places on earth where you couldn’t live shows us we need to be careful about our decision to settle down. Adequate research before living in an isolated area is prudent. Well, thanks for stopping by, kindly browse through this website for more of these reads.

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