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Top 10 Skin Care Essentials Everyone Should Know

Cleansing, check. Toning, check. Moisturizing, check. Good enough, right? Not if you want impeccable, dewy skin.

When it comes to skin care essentials, Koreans seem to have got it right. Each day, most women in Seoul go through a 10-step skin care regimen. They double-cleanse their face, massage it everyday, use face masks and what not.

Such a routine may sound like more indulgence than you have time for. But there are some valuable essential skin care tips that you can take away to adapt for the best skin care regimen for you.

10. Clean your face twice

Clean your face twice

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This is for the ladies who wear makeup. Use an oil-based cleanser to remove your makeup without drying it out. If you’re too lazy, a makeup removing wipe will have to do. Then wash again (this time with a mild water-based cleansing foam) to remove all oil and dirt. The best skin care regimen should ideally start with these two steps. Go on, it doesn’t take that long!

9. Apply the 10-second rule

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It’s not about a literal 10 seconds. It’s about keeping your skin hydrated by applying skincare products as quickly as you can after a shower. Water dries the skin out. One of the skin care essentials that all Korean women know, it seems, since birth, is that you must apply your toner within 10 seconds of coming out of a hot shower. If you’re out, on vacation maybe, and forgot your toner (don’t!) then slap on your moisturizer with the same speed. You’ll find your skin stays softer, more hydrated.

8. Massage your face every day

Massage your face every day

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You’d be surprised by how much difference daily massages can make to your skin. It’s great for brightening your face, getting the blood circulating, keeping skin elastic for longer, and making you feel good. This is one of the essential skin care tips we often ignore. But the best skin care regimen will  always include at least a few simple upward strokes with some hydrating essence, or an elaborate ritual with knuckles and Korean face-slapping. Yes, you read right.

7. Exfoliate often

Exfoliate often

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Korean women exfoliate nearly everyday after cleansing. Microbeads in exfoliators remove dead skin cells, but it can be too harsh for every day. Essential skin care tips everywhere recommend exfoliation twice or thrice a week. Also focus on areas that particularly need it, like the chin, the nose, and other areas where blackheads and white heads bloom.

6. Find the right toner

Find the right toner

Image Source: Into the Gloss

Toning is super important, whether or not you’re Korean. You need to find the right toner for you, however. Whether you’ve got acne-prone skin or sensitive skin, you can find a suitable toner for your concern. Koreans use toners like a mist, to refresh their skin as often as they can.

5. Hydrate with an essence

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Since two cleansers can strip your skin of moisture, you want to rehydrate with an essence. Gently massage it on your face after you’ve applied a toner. Many women will probably want to skip this step since it’s an extra in the essential skin care tips they’ve read about all these years. You could do without it, but the results may be less than what you want.

4. Slap on a mask to pamper yourself

Slap on a mask to pamper yourself

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The Koreans love their facial masks. Rather than being one of the skin care essentials, these masks are good for pampering yourself. You’ll find masks with everything from hylauronic acid to exotic stuff like royal jelly and even snail essence.

3. Apply eye cream

Apply eye cream

Image Source: Beauty Bridge

One of the skin care essentials that is so common in Korea no one even bats an eye about it, is eye cream. Korean women like to dab the delicate area around their eyes with eye cream before bed. It helps to keep the area hydrated. These creams may also manage to smooth out some fine lines and tighten those puffy bags we get after pulling a full night of study or work. You’d be amazed by how flawless Korean ladies in entertainment look, despite their insane work schedules on live shoot. Only part of the magic is make up.

2. Moisturize

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Moisturizing is probably the most important step in the best skin care regimen. Every type of skin, from bone dry to oil-spill oily needs a moisturizer. What you need is a light moisturizer that will blend in with your skin without leaving a greasy film on it.

1. Protect yourself from the sun

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Don’t forget your sunscreen when you head outside. Women in America usually get sunscreen when they see the first signs of a wrinkle. But in Korea, these beauty tips are commonplace right from teenage years. In fact, Korean women wear suncreen even in the house. Because yes, UV rays can harm your skin indoors too. Sunburn, sun damage, the fear of skin cancer – these are the reasons everyone needs a sunscreen. Don’t leave home without it!

Did you find these tips useful? As you can see, you don’t really need a truckload of products for everyday skincare. If you’re also making sure to exercise, drink lots of water and eat healthy, it will show on your skin in days.

Do you have a favorite alternative skincare routine that works for you?

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