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Top 10 Latest Wearables in the Fashion Industry

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  • Post published:February 1, 2021

Whoever discovered the link between technology and fashion deserves the biggest crown of all time. This brilliant mind opened our eyes to the opportunities available in the world of fashion while giving tech operations an overhaul as well. Spies for instance can do their job without being suspected of being in possession of one of the latest wearables because not only are these items pretty to look at, they are designer wearables too! Follow through as we list down the top 10 high fashion wearables that have rocked the world in recent years.

10. Bellabeat Leaf

Bellabeat Leaf


Ladies, begin making ululations and dancing in joy because technology has favored you this time round by inventing some of the best high fashion wearables for you. The Bellabeat Leaf is your best friend when it comes to tracking your menstrual cycles, stress levels and sleep. Yes, it does that effortlessly! What’s more, the watch has a long battery life (six months) and features vegan and leather straps and you also have the option of either wearing it as a brooch or a necklace.



Image Source: YouTube

MICA is among the latest wearables worn as a smart band. Intel came up with the technology but teamed up with Opening Ceremony designer company to bring a completely fashionable product. The gadget has a 3G radio, an interrogation with Yelp and TomTom and a GPS chip. These features can all be viewed through the curved 1.6 in OLED display located on the inner part of the bracelet.

8. Ringly


Image Source: mobile COMMERCE NEWS

If you are the kind of woman that always misses texts and phones for one reason or the other, Ringly may be just what you need to get rid of this problem. As the name suggests, this is a ring consisting of 18k gold plates that connect to a smartphone alerting you very discreetly when a call or message comes through. Like the other designer wearables, Ringly is nothing short of class and elegance.

7. Gemio


Image Source: crunchwear

Gemio was designed specifically for party animals who enjoy hanging out at the rave with their friends. These high fashion wearables have been embraced by teen girls who thrive in the knowledge that they and their friends not only look funky in the club but are safe as well. These Bluetooth latest wearables send corded light patterns once paired therefore you can tell where your friend is at any given time.

6. June by Netatmo

June by Netatmo

Image Source: extravaganzi

June is welcome news to a few of us who would rather do anything else than to apply sunscreen on our bodies. The device which is among the high fashion wearables, monitors the sun’s Ultra Violet rays (UV) and lets you know when you need to apply sunscreen or when you need to double up on the applications. Its style is in the gem that sits at its centre enhanced by the silicone or leather band worn on the wrist.

5. Ungaro Ring

Ungaro Ring

Image Source: electronicsforu

The Fresh stylists Emmanuel Ungaro in collaboration with Omate invented yet another device in the latest wearables category. Designer wearables of this kind must be attached to cocktails because this is where VIPs are found. We say this because the sole purpose of this ring is to alert the user of contact from an important person during a function. Another great feature is its battery which lasts 5 days between charges and looks pretty good on the hand in its silver or gold colors.

4. Garmin Vivosmart HR Activity

Garmin Vivosmart HR Activity

Image Source: mysmartprice

Exercise sometimes requires an App that lends a helping hand during the tedious process. The good news is that such a device exists by the name Garmin Vivosmart HR Activity. It monitors the heart rate around the clock, counts the number of floors climbed, measures the intensity of your activity and of course counts the number of calories burned.

3. NEVO Watch

NEVO Watch

Image Source: lowyat

It took three nations to design and manufacture these high fashion wearables. A French company made it with a Swiss movement but the final assembly was done by the Chinese. The gadgets have a minimalist look with an option to choose from three styles namely Paris, Shangai and New York. NEVO Watches perform a number of functions such as telling time, setting alarms, giving notifications and tracking one’s steps.

2. The Swarovski Shine Tracker

Swarovski Shine Tracker


Instead of being confined to one position, Swarovski Shine Trackers are designer wearables that can be worn on any part of the body. They masquerade as aluminum discs which can be put on the wrist, hung on a stylish pendant, pinned to a lapel or slowly slipped into a t-shirt or a custom made sock.

1. Blaze


Image Source: fitbit

The mother of all latest wearables is Fitbit’s fitness watch Blaze. In addition to the stylish and colorful screen, the smart watch also features elegant stainless steel and leather bands. The fashion item gives you an opportunity to answer calls, check calendar notifications and check your text messages.  

Which of these designer wearables do you own and which one has totally transformed the way you live your daily life? Let us know on the comments section below. Before you go, be sure to share this article within your social circles. Also, find some time to go through some of our great reads on this website. Thank you!

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