Trendsetters This Winter

Top 10 Style Trendsetters This Winter

The term audacity is going to be the word of the season when it comes to winter fashion trends. You need to demonstrate boldness for carrying off the deluge of electro furs, pink, couture red and mauve from head to toe. This winter is going to welcome puffy volume, oversized street wear, corseted waists and a shot of color on sharp shoulders after a stint of minimalism that took over during summer this year. Would you dare to explore the bold trends that are set to make a mark during this winter? It is time to step up and be one among style trendsetters this season. Fashion trendsetters this winter can gear up with the information furnished below.

10. A Statement Coat

Statement Coat

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A fabulous statement coat is essential for a lady to have during winter. It does not really matter whether it is a printed coat or a coat with a giant fluffy ball. Make sure it is bold and renders everybody speechless when you hit the town adorning your statement coat. Keep yourself warm this winter with a bold statement coat. Fashion trendsetters this winter would love flaunting this style.

9. Midi Skirt

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It would never go out of style to look like a lady. This piece of clothing has survived over decades. It does not matter whether it stops above the ankles or just below the knees. The midi skirt certainly needs to make its way into your wardrobe whether it is ruffled, structured or sheer. Do not forget to pair strappy sandals for creating a dramatic effect. Style trendsetters would love rocking this style this winter.      

8. Emerald

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This color is going to create waves during the holiday season. Emerald is the color of the season and you better not miss taking advantage of it. Get a classy emerald coat, clutch, shoes or sweater. What matters is that you make it a part of your wardrobe. Style trendsetters can get creative in adding Emerald to their wardrobe.  

7. Blanket-like


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This winter we are drawing some inspiration from our bedrooms. It is time to get them out on the streets and flaunt them in style. The runways are filled with blanked dressing including scarves, shawls, ponchos and capes. Every model flaunted a personalized blanked-like poncho at the end of Burberry event recently.

6. Geometric/Linear


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It is time to flaunt some geometry this season. Designers have left no stone unturned in sharpening the designs. Geometric and linear prints are in vogue. Inspiration has been drawn by many designers by the work of Bauhaus. Lines running zigzag or interlock on your clothes are surely going to draw attention wherever you go. Enter into the league of style trendsetters by adding geometric/linear prints into your wardrobe.   

5. Sweaters


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This winter is all about getting comfortable and cozy. It seems like the answers to all prayers of women have been answered this season. Fluffy voluminous swearers are going to keep you warm throughout winter. Knitwear is in vogue! Go and stock your wardrobe with the coziest piece you can lay your hands on. Oversized clothing is in vogue. Pair it with a midi skirt for a dramatic effect. Trendsetters gear up to turn heads this winter by flaunting this cool trend.

4. Savage/Nature-inspired 


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Winter is getting wild this time. Trendsetters have plenty of options to choose from. The runways have been filled with designer pieces that have drawn inspiration from floral prints as well as landscape photo-prints. The savage chick theme has transformed into a luxurious contemporary trend. Emilio Pucci introduced the trend on runways and has created a wild effect with animalistic pulses. People have gone crazy about the collection and this trend is surely going to rock this winter.  Fashion trendsetters this winter can add floral prints to rock the trend.

3. Menswear Inspired  

Menswear Inspired

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Women’s fashion segment is going to be dominated by menswear inspired clothing this winter. This can make a woman nothing less than gorgeous with a little dose of femininity. It is time to suit up and rock the season. Designers have put all their creativity in designing patent loafers, tailored separates, pleated trousers and oversized jackets. Do not forget to check out the latest winter collection rolled out by Hermes and Giorgio Armani. Trendsetters can take hints from the latest offerings by the top fashion houses.  

2. Minis 


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Trendy mini pieces are back this season. However, there is a twist in the tale. The 70s style are back in vogue. You can spot retro style reflecting in all the collections. Graphic pop-art prints are surely going to be a hit this winter season. Fashion trendsetters this winter can draw some inspiration from retro trends to be a head turner this winter.   

1. Animal Prints

Animal Prints

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This season is again going to witness animal prints trending all over. This winter is all about patterns, textures and prints. The leopard prints are here to stay along with the reptile prints and this something trendsetters can rejoice about. Check out the winter collections by Givenchy and Chloe for some inspiration.

Are you geared up to be the style trendsetters this season? Fashion trendsetters this winter are surely going to rock midis, oversized coats and animal prints. Make the most out of the information offered and be one among the trendsetters this winter. Check out other blog posts for more info on fashion trends and how to pair the accessories right to flaunt a style that is in vogue.     

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