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Top 10 Latest Fashion Trends Among Teens

The spring is about to begin and many people are eager to know what the new fashion trend will bet his season. Of those who like to look trendy, the teens are the prominent group. For them, fashion is the way how to express their personality and how to show their social status. That is why the teens are following new trends very closely. We have tried to chart some of the most important fashion trends for teens for the upcoming season. Maybe you will find inspiration for your wardrobe or for that of your teenage kids.

10. Paper bag pants

Paper bag pants

Image Credit: pinterest

We will start with one trend which is a little bit weird for many people. The paper bag pants are a love or hate thing and a lot of people will definitely never wear it no matter how often it is celebrated on social media. But for many others, this will become one of the most important of all teens fashion trends of 2017.

9. Sneakers in platform

Sneakers in platform

Image Credit: ebay

The appropriate footwear is the necessary addition to any outfit, therefore it must be taken into account when we are trying to chart the most important latest fashion trends for teens. For the 2017 season, platformed sneakers are the winner and you have to prepare that you will see many of those in the time to come.

8. T-shirt


Image Credit: Who What Wear

The t-shirt is an evergreen returning to our wardrobes all the time. Teens fashion trends of 2017 will be no exception. It is a pretty universal piece of clothes as it can be worn with the sweatshirts or any kind of a jacket.

7. Knitted cardigans

Knitted cardigans

Image Credit: pinterest

Knit cardigans are another classic fashion items that will not go anywhere soon. Also in 2017, you will definitely be trendy with this and you will find knit cardigan among the latest fashion trends for teens for 2017. If chosen well, it can be incredibly chic and elegant.

6. Jeans


Image Credit: Shanila´s Corner

Regardless the color, shape or style, the jeans are still indispensable for any teen following the latest fashion trends. Tight, skinny or wide, jeans can be worn with t-shirts, sweatshirts or shirts and you can not go wrong with them. 2017 will be just another year of the triumphal ride of the jeans around the world.

5. Shorts


Image Credit: The Best Fashion Blog

Shorts should be the primary option for all teen girls during the spring and summer of 2017. The can be made of denim or they can be tight and elastic. The shorts are probably the best casual wear for the hot weather and can´t be missed in our list of the best teens fashion trends for this year.

4. Simple dresses

Simple dresses

Image Credit: Dress Trends

The simplicity is the key when it comes to dresses for teens in 2017. The latest fashion trends for teens are clear, the dress should be a simple cut, maybe even monochrome. The style is not strictly dictated this year and the dress can be tight or shapeless, dark or light. This or that, you will look great and trendy in it.

3. Skirts


Image Credit: pbuyvip

The skirt is an another example of the never-ending fashion story. In 2017, like in years before, the skirt is a sure bet. It can be colorful or it can be more conservative, whatever the print is, the skirt will be within teens fashion trends. Again. It is because it is universal, can be worn with almost any kind of a top.

2. Accessories


Image Credit: Pinterest

Latest fashion trends for teens must simply touch the accessories too. Accessories are indispensable. And 2017 trend for the accessories is… wear the accessories. As there are so many types of rings, pendants, chokers, bracelets, earrings and many, many more. It is hard to define one particular trend among those. But should not forget to add some of them as a complement to your dress.

1. Chokers


Image Credit: Harper´s Bazaar

The trend of chokers is a continuation of the 2016 trend and a comeback of the 90s fashion. It can be wide, thin, leather or any other but chokers will be simply „in“ this year. It can also be combined with almost anything we wear. This should be your choice.

So, this was our list of the latest fashion trends for teens. We hope that you will be inspired. If so, we have succeeded. If you are interested in fashion, you should not miss our article listing Top 10 Sustainable Fashion Brands. It is nice when companies and their customers feel responsible for the environment and society.

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