Top 10 Simpsons’ Jokes That Came Out To Be True

Since its start in December 1989, The Simpsons became a cultural phenomenon recognized worldwide. The characters are as popular as any global superstar and in many countries all around the world, you can find tons of products backed by the franchise.

More than 600 episodes are spanned across 28 seasons, but Bart, Homer, Lisa, Marge, and others are still the same – and we all love them like that. The microcosm of the small town of Springfield somewhere in the United States is not only the parody of the provincial lifestyle of a middle-class family but points out many other problems and social phenomenon.

Despite the fact that Homer Simpsons´ family is dysfunctional in nature, its members are warm-hearted and love each other. The jokes targeting fictional characters as well as the variety of real-life ones are sometimes quite visionary and several times, the jokes later appeared to be true. In the following list of the best Simpsons jokes that came true, you will find the most interesting of them.

10. The Flaming Moe

Flaming Moe

Image Credit: simpsonswiki

It´s no secret that Homer likes to drink from time to time. He even had his own secret cocktail. He called it „Flaming Homer“ and the most important ingredient was cough medicine. When the episode was aired in November 1991, the bar owner in Prospect Heights, New York really started to prepare a cocktail made of Jagermeister, Bacardi, and… a cough medicine.

9. Good Morning Burger

Good Morning Burger

Image Credit: Eat´s Like a Duck

This item of our Simpsons jokes that came true is not very funny. Once upon a time, Homer Simpson had an idea: to take 18 ounces of ounces of sizzling ground beef, add creamery butter and improve it with a fried egg and a bacon ham. Homer called it „The Good Morning Burger“ and considered it a great breakfast. From that time, many fast-food chains added something similar to their breakfast offer. They call it differently but doctors call it an express ticket to heart-attack.

8. Blood is All-Around

Blood is All-Around

Image Credit: yellowjaysherman

Sketches with Itchy and Scratchy are loved not only by Bart and Lisa, but they are also very popular among the majority of the Simpsons fans as well. In one of the episodes, there was an Itchy and Scratchy billboard that actually was spreading „blood“ all around. This is apparently one of the best Simpsons jokes as it inspired one TV Channel in New Zealand which used this idea to promote its premiere of the Kill Bill movie.

7. The Chocolate Land

Chocolate Land

Image Credit: Wikipedia

It is exactly Homer´s type of dream. When a German businessman who wanted to buy a local nuclear power plant appeared in Springfield, he kindled Homer´s imagination and started to dream about a theme park made of chocolate. It is funny, but some real businessmen thought it is a good idea and realized this crazy dream. Oh, by the way, those businessmen were from China…

6. The Shop for Left Handed

Shop for Left Handed

Image Credit: pinterest

Being left-handed is quite normal and the need for the shop for the left-handers only sounds just like one of the Simpsons’ jokes. Yes, it appeared in The Simpsons but after that, it hit the real world as well. You can find it in San Francisco and in Florida.

5. The Hangover


Image Credit: Pinterest

When Ned Flanders decided that he needs to enjoy life a little bit, he couldn´t choose a better guide than Homer Simpson for his trip to Vegas. It was probably one of the Simpsons jokes that came true as the movie „The Hangover“ is so similar to their adventures…

4. Star Wars and Alvin

Star Wars and Alvin

Image Credit: Mashable

In 2009, The Simpsons predicted that the new episodes of the Star Wars and Alvin and the Chipmunks will share the premiere weekend. What is the probability that it will bet the case six years later? In December 2015, this actually happened.

3. Smartwatch


Image Credit: Mashable

In 1995, a talkable watch seemed like a joke. Now, it´s reality. It seems that Lisa´s dream about her future was pretty actual, at least from the technology point of view. We will have to wait if that guy will become her fiancee…

2. Rolling Stones Are Forever

Rolling Stones Are Forever

Image Credit: Pinterest

Smartwatch was not the only one of Simpsons’ Jokes in the episode in which Lisa was able to see her future. One of the best Simpsons jokes that came true is from that episode. It was in 1995 when another Rolling Stones tour in a few years seemed like a joke. They are still active today in 2017…

1. Donald J. Trump

Donald J. Trump

Image Credit: Your Daily Dish

The most famous and really the best of the best Simpsons jokes that came true. There is probably not a single person who didn´t hear about this recently. Long before Donald Trump actually made it to the White House, President Lisa Simpson had to handle a huge debt caused by his fictional administration. It seemed like a great joke at that time and now…

As you can see, there are a lot of Simpsons jokes that came true. Truly amazing show! But what about changing a genre now? Try our Top 10 Last-Minute Suspense Thriller Movies list!

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