Top 10 Funniest Initials And Abbreviations

Abbreviations and acronyms not only make life fun but convenient as well. The world would be a boring place without them. That said, some abbreviations and initials are plain funny, some are just weird while some lack words to describe them. Here is a list of the top 10 funniest initials and abbreviations that rocked our world until we decided to share them with you.

10. ABITHAD- Another Blithering Idiot- Thinks He is a Doctor

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Image Source: Medical Humor

If you though your world was sick, try the one that uses such kinds of abbreviations and initials and see how fast you would return home. Whoever came up with it must have been either pretty angry at someone or just too bored for life. Since we may never know the truth, we will just choose to ignore this one for now. Best of luck using it in future!

9. TTGA- Too Many Birthdays

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Image Source: reddit

Unlike the first one, we totally understand where the composer of this particular one came from.  Sometimes everyone around you has a birthday and you wonder where to begin throwing parties and buying gifts from. This is one of those comedy abbreviations and initials you can use to scare other people away from involving you in their events when you need the least disturbance.

8. FFFF-Female, Fat, Forty, Flatulent

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If you are not laughing by now, I have no idea what exactly tickles you. This is among the funniest initials and abbreviations you will ever come across in your lifetime. The sad part is people actually use it to pass a message to others who according to them fit the description of any of the initials.

7. CLASS- Come Late and Start Sleeping

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Image Source: medicalxpress

Sorry teachers and parents but it seems like school is the worst thing that happened for some kids in this world. We bet this is one of the abbreviations and initials frequently used by teenagers who would prefer ploughing the field all day long than go to class (well, maybe not ploughing but you get the point). Perhaps the law should put an end to comedy abbreviations and initials of this nature to avoid further rowdiness in schools.

6. MATH-Mental Abuse to Humans

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Image Source: edX

Sometimes you come across funniest initials and abbreviations but this particular one is anything but. How did mathematics become an abuse to humans? You are aware of your age, the number of toes on your feet, how many cups of water cooks rice better and how many kids President Obama has because of math!  

5. MAID- Mother Actually in Disguise

MAID- Mother Actually in Disguise

Image Source: SINGAPORE

This one is plain funny; no doubt about it. You can almost guess what was going through the mind of the person behind this abbreviation. Since mothers are the best gifts to humanity, we are also going to categorize this as one of those comedy abbreviations and initials that can only be written about but should never, under any circumstances, be used.

4. WIFE- Worries Invited Forever and Ever

WIFE- Worries Invited Forever and Ever

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Wives have received all manner of negative energy since marriage became a part of our society. We tend to believe that those who came up with comedy abbreviations and initials of this nature had seen better days in their marriages. Instead of bliss and joy forevermore, worries became part and parcel of their daily lives until they had to compose one of the most hilarious initials and abbreviations.

3. PMS- Purchase More Shoes

PMS- Purchase More Shoes

Image Source: pinkycloud

When girls are at that time of the month, hormones fly around like a thousand birds. What better way to make them feel better than to come up with one of those comedy abbreviations and initials that get them laughing and being excited all at once? Point to note: make sure you actually buy them a pair after you send them a text with these abbreviations and initials or better still, send them comfort bucks.

2. SAAB- Sad Attempt at Beauty

SAAB- Sad Attempt at Beauty

Image Source: SAAB

Are you a Toyota SAAB owner reading this right now? Many apologies! If it makes you feel any better, we think Saab is a cute and classy vehicle. This is among the funniest initials and abbreviations probably invented by someone who was upset that his close friend had managed to purchase a ride before he did. Forget the haters, laugh it off and drive away in your beautiful automobile.

1. ENGLAND- Every New Guy Leaves After Ninety Days



Before we say anything, we visited England the other day and guess what? We stayed for more than 90 days! The place is awesome so to imagine someone sitting sown and coming up with this crazy acronym is mind boggling. They have their reasons for this perhaps but one thing is for sure; this is definitely at the top of the list of the funniest initials and abbreviations ever invented.

Get in contact with us at the comments section and let us know which of these acronyms have once found a home in your lips or phone. You will be surprised to know that you are not the only victim of such initials. Otherwise, thank you for your time here –  we look forward to you reading more articles of this kind and more on this website.

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