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Top 10 Recipes your Guests shall Love Eating

Aside from drinks and great company, a party’s success is directly proportional to great food. There is no point in hosting a big party when your recipes are not in order. You are lucky we are here to illuminate some of the best party foods your guests will love so read on and find out which of these delicious dinner recipes are worth a try.

10. Chipotle chicken fajitas

Chipotle chicken fajitas

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The name is mouthful and its taste delicious. It is one of the many recipes to wow your guests no matter the number and preferences. Almost everyone we know loves this dish to death. What’s more, it requires little time to prepare and needs just one cast iron skillet.

9. Bourbon Cured Salmon

Bourbon Cured Salmon

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Salmon recipes are definitely among the best party foods your guests will love. Now imagine enhancing the taste of the salmon even more by using the bourbon sauce and a mixture of other great ingredients. The beauty with this recipe is, once the fish is cured with bourbon, it can stay fresh for months. And it is also pretty easy to make and very tasty.

8. Lamb Sliders

Lamb Sliders

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Lamb sliders are delicious dinner recipes perfect as appetizers or a small bite option at a buffet dinner. If you intend to have them as entrees, you might want to increase the patties twice as big or serve at least two servings per plate. The marmalade at the top of the lamb is just mouthwatering and the flavors melting in your mouth as you chew away every part of the dish are just killer. This is definitely one of our favorite recipes to wow your guests any day of the year.

7. Pork Rib Roast

Pork Rib Roast


If you are anything like us, roasted pork is welcome anytime anywhere. All you need to nail this recipe is get all the ingredients ready and know exactly how to roast it perfectly. Thankfully, a professional chef who knows his way around best party foods your guests will love is never far away. Hire the best chef and treat your guests to a delightful meal of their lives.

6. Shredded Chicken Hard Tacos

Shredded Chicken Hard Tacos

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Shredded chicken sounds yummy but it is nothing compared to chicken wrapped in tacos complete with cheese toppings. This is among recipes to wow your guests; there is a high probability your other food options will be picked less. The shell itself is out-of-this-world yummy and full of flavor.

5. Broiled Steak Kabobs with Orange Relish

Broiled Steak Kabobs with Orange Relish

Image Source: Country Living

Make use of your oven and prepare one of the delicious dinner recipes of all time. These are great all year round and a favorite to many. To avoid being too traditional, add some small slices of oranges in between the meat pieces and let your guests be taken away by the mixture of flavors.

4. Turkey Meatballs and Zucchini Noodles

Turkey Meatballs and Zucchini Noodles

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This is also one of the best party foods your guests will love when they come over for dinner. The turkey meat balls are such a treat for any living human being with a ton of ingredients bound to make you come back for more. The zucchini noodles on the other hand are great as well ( and they can be substituted for pasta when need arises).

3. Crostini


Image Source: Our Harvest

Whether it is a simple Crostini dish or one that has a ton of toppings, these are among recipes to wow your guests. All you need is a preheated oven, baguette slices and some olive oil and you are good to go. Crostinis are mostly light delicious dinner recipes perfect as snacks or part of a dinner buffet.

2. Pommes Gratin

Pommes Gratin

Image Source: Smart Cooky

Pommes Gratin is an example of best party foods your guests will love– vegetarian style. Use this recipe to pass a message to your vegetarian friends that they matter too. It is tasty for sure as a result of thyme and cream. Cheddar cheese is also in plenty inside this lovely dish adding to the richness of its flavor.

1. Penne A La Vodka

Penne A La Vodka

Image Source: Smart Cooky

Do not let the name scare you; this is perhaps one of the simple recipes to wow your guests. It is a creamy pasta dish flavored with vodka for an extra taste. You may add other flavors of your choice to take things a notch higher and have your guests talking about it all year round.

We hope you enjoyed reading through this listicle of top ten delicious dinner recipes. Let us know which ones you tried and managed to wow your guests with and be sure to catch other interesting reads on this website whenever you can. Thanks for the read!

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