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Top 10 Must-Have Garden Appliances

Spring is around the corner and this means one thing- gardening! It is such a fulfilling experience to get your hands dirty in your backyard for a good cause right?  What better way to enjoy gardening while filling your table with fresh food than to ensure you have all the essential garden appliances. Here is the top ten list of must-have gardening tools you will require before embarking on this great project.

10. Mattock


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Hefty gardening tasks require garden appliances known as mattocks. They come in handy when you want to clear ground, unearth stones and roots or dig trenches in your garden. Be sure to look out for two-hand implements because with them, you can perform two tasks using one tool. These essential garden appliances should also have a strong fiberglass shaft that can withstand any amount of force.

Amazon sells a Temper Pick Mattock for $21.97.

9. Wheelbarrow


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Can you imagine gardening without the convenience of a wheelbarrow? This is definitely among the must-have gardening tools whether you have a small garden or a big commercial one. It removes the burden of having to transport heavy gardening materials around the garden or from the store to the garden.

Amazon sells an Aerocart Multi-function two wheeled cart for $150.00.

8. Pruners


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We have deliberately listed this in plural because you need a number of these essential garden appliances to perform your gardening tasks.  Take control of overgrowing leaves, flowers and trees by using a sharp, comfortable and sturdy pruner to cut everything and create beautiful shapes around the garden.

Amazon sells a cozy home pruner for $7.99.

7. Shovel


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A shovel is also one of the must-have gardening tools needed to perform a number of jobs such as digging and addition of gardening materials like fertilizer, compost, soil and mulch. You can use a shovel to scoop away weeds as well. Like the aforementioned garden appliances, shovels need utmost concentration when purchasing one. Ensure it is of high quality to allow you work with no interruption.

Amazon sells an Earth Talon Fiberglass Long Shovel for $29.00

6. Nozzle sprayer

Nozzle sprayer


 Gardening is not complete without having a top notch nozzle sprayer. It is among the prerequisite garden appliances because not only does it allow you to water you plants but wash your truck and clean grass of the deck of your mower as well. A good nozzle sprayer is more than the traditional hand sprayer-it almost resembles a fireman’s hose.

Amazon sells a Heavy Duty Garden Hose Nozzle for $17.95.

5. Gardening gloves

Gardening gloves

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Gardening gloves are essential garden appliances that ensure safety for your precious hands during gardening. Using bare hands can cause blistering due to the pressure of using some of the garden appliances such as the wheelbarrow, spade and rakes. Apart from the blisters, gloves can also protect you from insect and animals bites and keep your polished nails and clean hands always clean.

Amazon sells 4 pairs of medium sized, breathable and stretchable gardening gloves for $13.90

4. Edging knife

Edging knife

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A neat garden means neat wedges at all times. It is simply beautiful to look at. The best tool for the job is the edging knife. It almost looks like a spade but has a concave head ready to pierce through ground leaving a great wedge. To get the most from these must-have gardening tools, make a point of buying one with a high quality head and a strong handle that uses a jabbing motion to shape soft turf.

Amazon sells a traditional Spear & Jackson Edging Knife for $51.22

3. Fork



Every gardener knows that a garden fork is one of the most important garden appliances for any project. It is a multi-purpose tool that can aerate lawns, break compacted soil, mix soil treatment, create holes to be filled with seeds, soften tough grounds and remove weeds and stones. Because it has strong and sharp tines, it penetrates tough ground easily than a spade.

Amazon sells a Fiskars 47-inch steel handle garden fork for $56.83

2. Rake


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Rakes are must-have gardening tools when doing a number of things such as leveling soil, raking up leaves, removing thatch and many more. There are five types of rakes including shrub rakes, leaf rakes, hand rakes, bow rakes and thatch rakes, all used for different functions in the garden. They also come in different widths, handle lengths, metal of construction and flexibility- choose one depending on your needs.

Amazon sells a standard 63-inch adjustable leaf rake for $19.99.

1. Digging spade

Digging spade

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A spade is convenient for slicing through stony ground to expose fertile soil beneath. You require a tough and well-balanced spade with a sharp and pointed head made of steel to ensure durability and effectiveness on the job. Spades are garden appliances that are quite available in many stores in and around the world at relatively affordable rates.

Amazon sells the Fiskars Xact Digging Spade for $100.51.

There are plenty of other essential garden appliances such as a hand trowel, a hoe, pruning life etc. This list only highlights ten of the most important tools but you can always get more if need arises. Thanks for the read; do not hesitate to leave us a comment below. Also, please find some time to read through some of our remarkable reads on the website.

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