Top 10 Latest Gadgets

Top 10 Latest Gadgets That You Won’t Dream Of Letting Go off Ever

There are latest gadgets then there are those you will not be willing to give up no matter what. These make life interesting, convenient, fun, entertaining, you name it. So which of the latest gadgets fall in the category of amazing gadgets? Here’s your top ten list.

10. Segway Personalized Robot

Segway Personalized Robot

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We know Segway for being the king of some of the latest gadgets in the world but no one saw this coming. 2016 saw them unveil another tech personalized robot which many love to refer to as a personal assistant. Finally, we can have a helper around the house who doesn’t mind running around all day long.

9. DietSensor Scio Food Scanner

DietSensor Scio Food Scanner

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If you are diabetic or know anyone who is, you had better rushed to the stores to grab one of the latest gadgets in the fitness category known as the DietSensor Scio Food Scanner. This gadget tracks your eating habits by scanning all the chemicals contained in your recipes. It then tells you if you should go ahead and eat it or not, of course depending on your dietary conditions.

8. Plume


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Pollution is rampant in the society we live in which is the reason someone sat down and invented one of the amazing gadgets ever seen by man. What Plume does is track air quality around you. It measures particulate matter, ozone, nitrogen dioxide, humidity, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and temperature. You can wear it or clip it on your bag whenever you visit a polluted region.

7. Milo Sensor

Milo Sensor

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A Milo Sensor works like a breathalyzer only classy and trendy. When you are out with friends and you care to know if the alcohol content in your body is enough for the day, this is one of the cool gadgets that will come in handy. You become cool having one because it is a wearable and works by measuring the amount of perspiration on your skin.

6. Fitbit Blaze

Fitbit Blaze

Image Source: amazon

Fitbit is one of the famous latest gadgets for its amazing capabilities. Not only does it look sleek on the wrist but has a ton of fitness functionality. This smartwatch has features such as Connected GPS, PurePulse heart rate, on-screen work-outs and so on. You can connect it to your computer of phone to connect to some of the graphs and charts that help track your progress. You can also get in touch with your loved ones using Fitbit Blaze which is why it makes it home to the list of amazing gadgets of this century.

5. Wireless Glass Keyboard

Wireless Glass Keyboard

Image Source: thegreenhead

Haven’t you ever wished for a nice wireless keyboard so universal it can be used with every tech gadget? You better leap up in joy because this is a reality now. The Wireless Glass Keyboard is a Bluetooth enabled device compatible with most operating systems such as Windows, Android, iOS and Mac OS X devices. Moreover, this sensitive glass keyboard can also be charged with a USB cable. If you don’t agree this is among the cool gadgets, we have no idea what will change your mind.

4. Chevy Bolt

Chevy Bolt

Image Source: TaSte

When Tesla Roadster was introduced to the world as one of the original electric cars, people shied away from buying it for reasons best known to them. Price was obviously the major hindrance but now Chevy Bolt has paved the way and is the next big thing in the automotive industry. As one of the latest gadgets, its price will come under $30,000 and its look even better. Watch out for this one guys, you will not be disappointed.

3. Motiv’s Fitness Tracking Ring

Motiv’s Fitness Tracking Ring

Image Source: TC

Imagine a world where you can have a ring that can do what fitness devices should do? Well, imagine it no more because as it turns one of these amazing gadgets has been discovered. This ring with a battery shelf life of between 3 and five days can perform a number of functions such as tracking fitness and sleep including calories, steps, fitness and even sensing heart rate.

2. Razer Blade Stealth

Razer Blade Stealth

Image Source: PaSte

By the end of 2016, you couldn’t mention an ultra computer without mentioning the Blade Stealth. This is one of the latest gadgets you don’t want to miss out on. Like many ultra book machines, this laptop is slim, inexpensive and very fast. What makes it feature second on this list of cool gadgets is its ability to deliver out-of-this world laptop graphics you have only been dreaming of.

1. Bravia OLED

Bravia OLED

Image Source: TC

We place this at the very top of the list of latest gadgets so you find a reason to get it pronto. Through this one of a kind TV, Sony is secretly communicating the message that they mean business. Also known as the A1E series, Bravia OLED has an edgy design; it has no stand meaning it stands on the floor with its own back leg. It also comes with its own sound which is part of the TV-no need for external speakers. This is the real deal friends, no doubt about it. 

That brings us to the end. We hope you learnt something new today. Catch more fun reads on this website whenever you can.

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