Top 10 Healthy Snacks To Consider While Working from Home

Biting healthy snacks while you work is a good habit which not only satisfies your taste buds but also helps you maintain a healthy diet. The keyword here is “healthy” because a good number of unhealthy snacks exist all around us. Take a look at ten of the best healthy snacks you may want to consider munching on.

10. Nuts


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All kinds of nuts are good for your body because they contain healthy fat and a ton of other great benefits. We especially enjoy snacking on ground nuts, cashew nuts, chest nuts, macadamia nuts and almonds. These taste great and fell good on the mouth boosting the energy levels on the brain. Stack on these healthy snacks today and laugh your way to a healthier and productive you.

9. Yoghurt


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You know yoghurt is among the healthy snacks to eat at your desk because of a number of reasons. These include making you full so that you eat just enough during the main meals, helping you fight off infections especially for the ladies and being a delicious treat for your mouth. Be sure to treat yoghurt as a snack and not the main meal if you know what we mean.

8.  Dried fruit

Dried fruit

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A plate of dried fruit is also one of the healthy snacks to consider. These could be apples, peaches, raisins, apricot, figs, cranberries and prunes. Fruits as we know have tremendous importance in the body because they provide nutrients that food cannot provide. They also contain little or no carbohydrates which is one of the great tips to consider when you buy healthy snacks to eat while working from home.

7. Low fat popcorn

Low fat popcorn

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Another great idea when it comes to healthy snacks is a bowl of low fat popcorn. If you have constant cravings for salty and crunchy stuff, this is a great option for you. It also provides the body with the much needed fiber. This is not forgetting the fact that they keep the hands and mind busy in the desk so you can avoid getting disturbed with the surrounding environment.

6. Fresh fruit

Fresh fruit

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Fresh fruit is definitely on the list of healthy snacks to eat at your desk. They have natural sugar and are low in calories meaning you can enjoy yourself immensely while giving the body just what it needs to function well. Fruits are also great because they contain antioxidants that help boost productivity.

5. Cereal


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Research proves that snacking on dry cereal is not only beneficial to the body but to the mind as well. The more you consume any of these healthy snacks which are low in glycemic index, the slower glucose is released into your bloodstream. This in turn reduces swings as a result of blood sugar which means you get to be more focused and productive at work. Needless to say, some of these snacks also taste yummy and therefore boost motivation greatly.

4. Instant oatmeal

Instant oatmeal

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Instant oatmeal packets are easy to prepare and have very few amounts of calories (110 calories per packet). All you have to do is heat it up in a microwave and enjoy your snack while working at your desk. What makes instant oatmeal one of the healthy snacks to eat at your desk is the calorie content and the fact that you can also add your desired nutrients for an added taste. It also goes without say that oatmeal have massive amounts of fiber therefore perfect for the body.

3. Snack bar

Snack bar

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Sometimes your body just craves those healthy snacks with a sweet sugary taste. The good news is you can stay healthy while doing this by snacking on natural bar brands such as LaraBar and KIND. They are awesome fiber sources and contain no added sugar. Most of these bars are made from almonds, cranberries, cashew nuts, and dates so you are guaranteed low sodium, more vitamins, and little calories.

2. Hard-boiled egg

Hard-boiled egg

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A boiled egg finds its spot on the list of healthy snacks for a number of reasons. Eggs are naturally high in protein which means your hunger is kept in control while your blood sugars are well stabilized. You might just want to spare people the strong egg smell by eating it in the kitchen then resuming work at your desk.

1. Veggies in hummus

Veggies in hummus

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Vegetables such as carrots also make for great healthy snacks. This is because of the natural sweetness, crunch and the amazing benefits that come with them. When you dip them in hummus, you can literally live on them for the rest of your life. Worry not; the calories do not increase with the hummus. In any case the chickpeas in the hummus add fiber, iron, calcium and fiber to your body so it is a total win.

The list of the healthy snacks to eat at your desk ends here. We certainly hope you have learnt something worthwhile today. Thanks for your time. For more of this, check out our website whenever you can.

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