Food One Should Avoid

Top 10 Food One Should Avoid

It is one of the rock-solid rules of our world that the best food is usually the worst when it comes to calories and fat. We all love such a diet and sometimes it is hard to resist, especially with all the tempting wrappings. Who would read that small information about nutrition while so many tasty products are smiling at us from shelves of all supermarkets? Who would bother with vegetables? Yes, a healthy lifestyle needs to have a strong will but its reward worth it. So, what food is better to avoid? Here is the list of the fattening foods to avoid.

10. Pizza (sometimes…)


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We will start with a special case. Pizza is not an example of a food which is a priori unhealthy. However, there is a problem with pizza. As one of the world´s most popular food, it departed from Italian family restaurants to the fast food chains and bistros long time ago. But in these places with numbers of portions being prepared, most pizzas of this type are being prepared of very unhealthy ingredients. If you accept that there is a food one should avoid and you want to eat healthier, than go for anything else or try to find really quality pizza.

9. Fruit Juice

Fruit Juice

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Fruit juices look like a healthy drink, don´t you think? It is made of fruit so it has to be healthy, right? It is true that fruit juice usually contains vitamins but juices are full of sugar so they are comparable to Coke or fatty food. Does it mean that you should stop to drink juices? No, but you should drink them as a supplement, not as a regular drink.

8. Coffee Drinks

Coffee Drinks

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For a long time, a coffee was used to be considered as an unhealthy drink. The situation is changing and coffee starts to get a credit deserves – positive effects of antioxidants leading to the lowering risks of Parkinson disease od diabetes. But be aware of so-called coffee drinks full of artificial sugar or creamers. It is so full of calories that this drink can be easily described as never eating food.

7. Processed Cheese

Processed Cheese

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Once again, we do have fine and healthy food – cheese. It is full of nutrients and you should have it included in your diet. But then there are processed cheeses… It looks like a cheese, but instead of healthy components, it is filled with substitutes. This is definitely food one should avoid!

6. Processed Meat

Processed Meat

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Sausages and bacon are loved by many. But be aware, processed meat is full of ingredients and can probably lead to many serious diseases like colon cancer and heart disease. Next time you will hear that meat is healthy, you need to realize that it is true but it applies to unprocessed meat only. Processed meat is definitely among unhealthy and fattening foods to avoid.

5. Ice Cream

Ice Cream

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Kids love ice-cream, adults love ice-cream, we all love ice-cream. Can you imagine summer without an ice-cream? Unfortunately, ice-cream is filled with sugar and if you eat an ice-cream after a lunch, be sure that you are not doing any good for your body. An ice-cream can be hardly considered as a never eating food, but use common sense and don´t eat too much of it.

4. White Bread

White Bread

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Different types of bread are popular in different countries. The white bread is made of the wheat. That can be a problem for those who have a celiac disease or who are sensitive to gluten. But the main problem with the white bread is that it is made of refined wheat. It means that you won´t find many real nutrients. Instead of it, you eat empty calories and that´s why it is one of the most fattening foods to avoid!

3. Margarine


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Do you think that ordinary butter is too fatty for you and that a margarine will be healthier for you? If so, you are completely wrong! The margarine is an artificial food developed to taste and look like a butter. OK, chemistry can do that. But it means that it is full of synthetic ingredients and… fat. Yes, there is fat as the lower quality vegetable oil is being used for manufacturing it. Our advice is: hands off margarine, use quality butter instead.

2. French Fries

French Fries

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OK, this is evergreen. French Fries contain a lot of unhealthy ingredients. There are even some carcinogenic elements in it. It is one of the worst and it should be never eating food. It is clearly connected to the weight gain and it is bad for our bodies. So why we love them? Because French Fries are delicious… Healthy lifestyle demand a strong will, remember?

1. Drinks with Sugar

Drinks with Sugar

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So, here we are at the top of our list of food one should avoid. Once again, don´t be misled, we are talking about drinks that have as many calories as almost any food you can imagine. Diabetes, obesity, and even liver disease otherwise connected only to an overconsumption of alcohol – it is the price for the attractive flavor of sugary drinks. It´s OK to drink them from time to time, but be moderate with them.

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