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Top 10 Healthy Lifestyle Changes that are guaranteed to make you Live Longer

Did you know that you can choose whether you want to live a shorter or longer life here on earth? Apart from unavoidable circumstances such as accidents, crashes, and genetic diseases, research shows that a healthy lifestyle can prolong one’s life by tens of years. Choosing to live right through wonderful ways to live longer may just what your body needs to stick around for longer. So which are some of these healthy lifestyle habits? Follow through as we highlight them.

10. Eat moderately

Eat moderately

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This is a long time cliché but we will stress its importance nonetheless. Overeating is one of the worst things you can do to head over to an early grave. When eating, leaving some food on the plate the moment you feel full is a live longer lifestyle as many studies have shown. Eating moderately ensures few calories get to your body. Need we say the importance of few calories for the body?

9. Have regular sex

Have regular sex

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We are sure you have heard that getting busy intimately does well than harm for your body- as long as it is done consciously and carefully. It is a great exercise capable of burning as much calories as jogging for 30 minutes. Other benefits of this healthy lifestyle include boosting immunity, lowering blood pressure, improving sleep and protecting the heart.

8. Watch less TV

Watch less TV

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Many people spend more than four hours a day catching up on the latest TV shows, documentaries, news, you name it. If you want to embrace wonderful ways to live longer, you may want to consider turning off the TV. Death from watching too much TV can occur as a result of heart disease brought about by sitting down for long hours.

7. Stay away from the sun

Stay away from the sun

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The more you keep ignoring the live longer lifestyle of applying sunscreen every time you are outdoors during summer, the higher you risk yourself developing skin cancer. If you really don’t have to be in the sun, it might be better to avoid it completely because apart from avoiding skin cancer, this is one wonderful way to live longer that can help you look younger since you avoid face wrinkles, saggy skin, and fine lines.

6. Connect with others

Connect with others

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Woe unto you if you are a loner; always being satisfied with your own company. Studies show that people who encourage loneliness are at a higher risk of contracting heart disease than those with good support systems. Being alone supports inflammation the way smoking and high cholesterol does. Developing a good friends’ network is one of the wonderful ways to live longer as it opens you up and improves heart functioning.

5. Moderate drinking

Moderate drinking

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Even though a little alcohol is good for the stomach as science says, too much of it is anything but. Alcohol in itself has lots of calories which is very bad for the body. This is the reason beer drinkers often add weight unnecessarily. Secondly, over-drinking has been known to cause a string of relationship problems which can lead to stress and eventually death. If you are on the journey of discovering a live longer lifestyle, you want to pay attention to this one; it will save you trouble in this life.

4. Exercise


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Do not ignore the effects of exercise in your life; it is one of the wonderful ways to live longer. Since a long time ago, people blame their lack of exercise on limited time. This is a silly reason because if you cannot slot in 30 minutes to adapt a healthy lifestyle like exercise, your life may have no meaning at all. You may be running around only to drop dead one day because of multiple lifestyle diseases.

3. Eat veggies and fruits

Eat veggies and fruits

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Forget about a live longer lifestyle if you cannot make the good choice to feed on fruits and vegetables. The rule of thumb here is to have three servings of these healthy foods in a day. Not only does eating veggies and fruits beneficial in preventing breast cancer and other ailments but it can also lower your risk for heart disease by 76%. Who wouldn’t want to enjoy a disease-free life?

2. Stay positive

Stay positive

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Through the storms of life, are you the person who always thinks negatively? We hope not because as it turns out, this is among bad habits that encourage a poor lifestyle. Negative energy leads to stress-related complications not to mention dampening one’s mood and even scaring off friends and family. Choose a healthy lifestyle of always staying positive and enjoy a longer, richer life.

1. Say no to cigarettes

Say no to cigarettes

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Even smokers know their days on earth are numbered as long as they keep puffing on their cigarettes. Smoking damages the lungs a little every day until one day they shut down completely. This can be avoided if smoking is done away with and a live longer lifestyle adopted.

There you go. We hope you got something from this piece. Thank you for reading through. If you liked the article, you can catch more reads on this website.

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