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Top 10 Asian Pop Songs

Asia has had a very important role to play in world music in general. Of these some Asian pop songs have stood out as the best ambassadors for Asian pop culture. We have provided a brief outline of the best Asian pop songs to listen to and the reason why they just had to make this list.

10. Channa Mereya by Pritam and Arijit Singh

Channa Mereya by Pritam and Arijit Singh

Image Credit: ndtv

Amitabh Bhattacharya provided some of the greatest lyrics for Asian pop songs 2016. The song is immensely unique as the character conveys his heartbreak to the listener in such a manner that the listener feels that the character is actually in a celebratory mood. Despite this rarity, the lyrics are so relatable, you can almost find a scenario in your life to which it applies. It is indeed one of the best Asian Pop Songs of the year.

9. Cheer Up by Twice

Cheer Up by Twice

Image Credit: twitter

The song by Kpop girl group Twice is entertaining both for its sweet and soulful delivery as well as the great lyrical effort. This song was rightfully the winner of Song of the year at this years MAMAs. It may well be the reason behind Twice’s awards as Best Female Group at this years MAMA.

8. Blood, Sweat Tears by BTS

Blood, Sweat Tears by BTS

Image Credit: youtube

Boy bands have always been synonymous with Asian music. But who can blame them. From One Direction to 5 Seconds of Summer, the world loves boy bands. For an Asian Direction replacement BTS has proven themselves to be pretty qualified. Nothing symbolizes how well they blend as a group than Blood, Sweat, Tears which is certainly one of the best Asian pop songs 2016 has witnessed. A good listen if I must add.

7. Transformer by EXO

Transformer by EXO

Image Credit: koreaboo

The most popular boy band in Asia – arguably – did not disappoint. EXO is one supergroup which has metamorphosized over time. Originally promoting themselves as aliens from a foreign planet, they have consistently altered their mythos over time. What is certain about this group however, is that they are not human. Their rhythmic dance track Transformer, is proof of that. This has been a fan favourite and one of the best Asian pop songs 2016 has so far witnessed.

6. Fire by BTS

Fire by BTS

Image Credit: music

Yes BTS has dominated the Asian music scenes this year so they definitely deserve a second slot on this list. Fire has all the markings of one of the most successful Asian pop songs 2016 has had. This house/hip hop hybrid is certainly one of the best party songs of the year. BTS as a group has had an incredible year crowning their success by winning the 2016 MAMA artist of the year.

5. Day Day by BewhY, Yiruma, Prepix

Day Day by BewhY

Image Credit: hiphopkr

It is amazing how Korean artist BewhY became an overnight Asian sensation. In Day Day, backed by the ever amazing pianist Yiruma, BewhY delivers some of the most lackadaisical sounding lyrics over a laid back instrumental. This soothing rhythm is the reason why BewhY is considered as one of the most dynamic Asian rappers out there. Day Day would certainly remain one of the classic rap/pop songs for years to come.

4. Monster by EXO

Monster by EXO

Image Credit: Soompi

Boy bands have had a historic place in Asian history. EXO has certainly emerged as one of the most successful in recent times. This year they did not disappoint proving to their fans and critics alike just how great they are and can be. Their EX’Act Album was named album of the year this year making it back to back wins in the same category at the MAMA awards. One of the best tracks on this album was their dance hit Monster. It is certainly a good listen and worthy of being ranked amongst the best Asian pop songs 2016.

3. Puzzle by BewhY and Cjamm

Puzzle by BewhY and Cjamm

Image Credit: Amazon

The combo of BewhY and Cjamm was a match made in heaven. It is therefore gladdening that Puzzle for all it was worth, deservedly took home the MAMA prize for the best rap performance of 2016. BewhY brought to play his dexterity while Cjamm took the opportunity to introduce himself to Asia. Whatever their intentions were, it worked and 2016 would definitely be a good year for both artists and Puzzle would definitely have had a contributory role to play.

2. Goodbye by Taemin

Goodbye by Taemin

Image Credit: koreaboo

Outside his successes with boy band SHINee – a band in which he was the band’s youngest member – Taemin has carefully crafted out a successful career as a solo artist. He is one of the most popular entertainers for many reasons. For one his dancing is superb in all his music videos. This has fetched him awards for best dance performance as a solo artist and best dance as a male group with SHINee, the latter which the group won three times in the past four years. Goodbye is a sorrowful yet awfully melodious track that is worthy of being probably the best Asian pop songs 2016 has had. You really have to listen to this song.

1. Navillera by GFriend

Navillera by GFriend

Image Credit: 24hrkpop

This female pop group has turned the eyes of the world to the immense talent that Asia possesses. The LOL album is symbolic in that regard, peaking at 7th position on the Billboard world album charts stay. The stand out track however, was Navillera which happens to be the definition of what we look for in an Asian pop song. We are grateful to GFriend for helping to make this year a memorable one for Asian pop music. The awards we have given them is not enough to express our gratitude.

These are the best Asian pop songs 2016 generated. As we witness growth in the Asian entertainment industry we are certain that 2017 would have a lot more awaiting us.

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