Listening Music on Health

Top 10 Effects of Listening Music on Health

We all love good sound however subjective that may be. While we may appreciate the enlightening benefits of music and how elated it makes you feel, we cannot ignore the health benefits of listening to music. Music improves our health in various ways and we are going to look at the 10 effects of listening to music on health.

10. Easing of pain

Easing of pain

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Amongst the well-researched effects of listening music on health is its influence on pain. Music is a useful sedative that is effective in the reduction of pain. It helps reduce the perceived intensity of pain that a person may be suffering from. Music has been put to use in geriatric care, intensive care and as a palliative medication for the reduction of a patient’s suffering.

9. Improve IQ and academic performance

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According to a research conducted by scientists, young children taking music lessons have a higher academic performance than children who didn’t. Generally music helps in the learning and recall of information. Neutral music has been proven to generally improve IQ and academic performance. Positive music on the other hand, helps students test better. Even Alzheimer’s patients can have their memory improved through music.

8. Music helps you consume lesser calories

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Weight loss experts have discovered one of the more interesting effects of listening music on health. Research has shown that there is a correlation between listening to music and eating. Listening to music can draw your attention away from food. Music improves our health by helping you enjoy your meals more and consume lesser calories as well.

7. Music improves sleep

Music improves sleep

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Another of the health benefits of listening music is that it is capable of curing insomnia. This is because music eliminates two key impediments to sleep: stress and anxiety. Music helps you create a better sleep pattern with more restful sleep. This is one of the positive effects of listening music on health.

6. Reduces anxiety and depression

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Drexel university researchers found out that by working with a music therapist or listening to music, cancer patients had reduced levels of anxiety. The health benefits of listening to music included improved levels of blood pressure and better moods.

5. Improving brain health

Improving brain health

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One of the health benefits of listening music is that it helps keep the brain healthy. According to research conducted, by listening or playing music in old age or undergoing musical training, the brain can be kept in better shape. This form of mental exercise through music improves our health with increased mental sharpness and better memory while aging.

4. Music boosts happiness

Music boosts happiness

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Our happiness is one of the numerous ways in which music improves our health. In the real sense, music can have a positive or negative effect on our moods, making us happy, angry, sad, excited or pumped up. Music causes the brain to release a substance known as dopamine a chemical which helps you feel good. Dopamine provides the same kind of feeling that is derived from sex, chocolate or certain kinds of drugs. The tempo in which the music is played has also played an important role in how people felt. Music that was played in a quick tempo made people feel excited and even pumped up. On the other hand music in a slow tempo had the effect of making people feel a bit depressed or sad.

3. Music relaxes patients prior to and after a surgery

Music relaxes patients prior to and after a surgery

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Patients about to go under the knife tend to feel a lot of anxiety. Music is a tool capable of helping them reduce that anxiety. It has also been shown to be more effective than Midazolam, an orally administered drug used to help pre-surgery patients feel sleepy. Midazolam has its own side effects such as vomiting and coughing. With over 254 surgeries being conducted annually, this might be one of the most significant health benefits of listening music.

2. Music helps improve driving

Music helps improve driving

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Music has been shown to improve the mood of people while driving. This tends to reduce frustration and actually leads to safer driving. So when feeling frustrated in traffic, turning up the radio might just be the perfect solution to your worries. According to the same research, and contrary to the popularly held belief, music does not in any way affect your driving. This is one of the major ways by which music improves our health.

1. Music helps heighten running performance

Music helps heighten running performance

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Most athletes train with music. Studies have shown that runners benefit from improved performance when listening to music whilst training. This is more so with runners who listen to positive or inspirational music.

There are numerous health benefits of listening music and these are but a few of the most important ways in which music has a positive effect on our health.

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