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10 Scariest Animals That Will Send Shivers Down Your Spine

While the animal kingdom boasts stunning beauty, it’s equally home to the scariest animals that can haunt your dreams.

We have compiled a list of some of the most scariest animals that live on land and sea for your interest. Keep in mind that while these animals may look scary, many of them are absolutely harmless.

So, let’s get started.

10. Polycarpa Mytiligera or the ‘Sea Squirt’

While at a glance this may look like a sea-dwelling fungi, there is more to it than meets the eye. Many animals act like they are dead as a form of defense mechanism, but the sea squirt takes it to another level. These primitive animals disembowel themselves and push their own organs out of their body and remain like that until the threat has passed.

Imagine suddenly seeing an underwater plant turn itself inside out. Now that’s horrifying!

9. The Goblin Shark

Sharks are generally one of the scariest animals, thanks to movies like Jaws. But the goblin shark is a true nightmare. They grow up to be over 12 feet in size, and have a menacing look with their mouth opening up to 110 degrees. This bizarre animal can be found in Japan and Mexico, and they prey on other sharks as well as smaller squids.

We sincerely hope you never have to meet a goblin shark!

8. Flying Snake

Found mostly in South Asia, these snakes may look like any other snake, but they can in fact glide on air for up to 25 meters. Imagine you are walking through a dense jungle and a snake comes flying at you. It’s difficult to imagine, but these flying snakes live on trees and glide great distances to catch their prey. The only upside is that they are mildly venomous and usually do not attack humans.

But we still don’t want you to ever have to encounter a flying snake!

7. Shoebill Stork

An animal that poses no threat to humans but simply looks menacing. We usually think of birds as tiny, chirpy creatures. But this giant bird is a true menace to witness. It grows up to five feet in height and has a wingspan of over sever feet. If that wasn’t enough, it also opens its beaks entirely and to catch prey which even include the likes of baby crocodiles.

Those who have seen the shoebill stork in action say the bird’s call sounds like a machine gun!

6. Goliath Tarantula

Spiders are scary, but this one is truly horrifying. Known also as the ‘bird eating’ spider, they grow up to more than a foot in size, and inject venom that melts away the prey’s muscles. What’s even more scary is that it can also make a hissing noise to scare the prey and throw the sharp hair on its skin.

Usually, they do not meddle with humans, but if you ever see one, run!

5. Coconut Crab

Giant spiders don’t scare you? Well this giant crab that even its own species will surely do!

These carbs are not just deadly, but their claws can equal the bite force of a cheetah. They will prey on more or less any smaller animal they can find, and even resort to cannibalism if required. While they do not eat humans, they will attack you without hesitation.

4. Goliath Tigerfish

One of the most aggressive and menacing-looking fishes, this one’s right out of a horror movie. They have 32 long sharp teeth and have also been given the name ‘demon fish’. These monsters are even known to tussle it out with crocodiles, and can kill a catfish in a single snap before swallowing it whole. Goliath Tigerfishes are plenty in number and mostly live in rivers, so you may just run into one.

What’s even more scary is that many people like to have Goliath Tigerfishes as pets!

3. Emperor Scorpion

Native to Africa, these are some of the largest and heaviest scorpions in the world. Unlike other scorpions that depend on venom to kill their prey, these scorpions also use their gigantic claws to attack and crush anything that threatens them. While their venom is mild in nature, getting caught in its claws can be deadly.

They also make for popular pets, or worse nightmares!

2. Tarantula Hawk Wasp

Wasps are generally to be avoided, but if you ever get stung by these wasps then you will feel some of the worst pain of your life. They get their name from their nature of hunting tarantulas (already a scary animal), and wait for it, laying eggs in them! These wasps specifically pick our tarantulas to lay eggs so that the larvae can feed on the tarantula’s dead body once born.

If provoked, a Tarantula Hawk Wasp will immediately sting you and there is nothing you can do other than scream and writhe in pain. So, if you ever spot one, get as far away as possible.

1. Aye Aye

A species of lemur native to Madagascar, they pose absolutely no threat to humans. But, these nocturnal creatures can be some of the scariest animals in the dark. They mostly feed on larvae, and are also considered as an endangered species. Those who have come face to face with an Aye Aye at night have usually been scared out of their wits. Even the native population of the region considers them as bad omens.

But, even if you happen to meet one, they will not even be bothered by you. However, you will be seeing one in your nightmares for a long time after.

So, these are the ten scariest animals you can find on Earth. But there are definitely many more, so make sure to sleep well tonight and have any of them invade your dreams!

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Creative mindset aimed at research oriented writing with in-depth knowledge of tech. Key skills include SEO, both short and long form copywriting, & blog writing.

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