Top 10 Reasons the American Rottweiler is the Best

When you hear the words “American Rottweiler”, what comes to mind is an aggressive, out-of-control, and selfish dog. Far be it from you to say that because this is one breed that can be sweet, cuddly, and controlled. Before you conclude that you will never have this dog breed in your home, check out these 10 best reasons for the American Rottweiler.

10. It is very protective

American Rottweiler

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Very few dog breeds are extreme when it comes to being protective of their territories and owners and Rottweiler is one of them. Many people mistake this for aggression but one of the American Rottweiler facts is that with the right kind of training, this dog can distinguish between protectiveness and aggression.

9. It is pretty loyal

American Rottweiler

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Love is a language well understood by an American Rottweiler; sometimes better than a human being does. Once they identify their family, loyalty follows without say. What’s more, like many dog breeds, this love never goes away until death or separation do you part. We believe this is among the best reasons for the American Rottweiler.

8. It is highly intelligent

American Rottweiler


A Rottweiler exudes so much intelligence that sometimes the owner fails to realize it is still a dog and therefore needs guidance and sufficient training. As expected, when it is young, it can be a bit messy and super jumpy but after proper training, intelligence comes through in a big way. This too, is an example of amazing American Rottweiler facts.

7. It recognizes leadership

American Rottweiler

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You must have heard or read somewhere that a Rottweiler is so bossy and doesn’t care for leadership. Sadly, this can be true especially if you are a soft individual with little understanding about leadership. On the flip side though, this can pass for one of the best reasons for an American Rottweiler because if you are firm and assertive, this animal will follow suit-they will submit to your leadership all the way.

6. It is a handsome dog

American Rottweiler

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Unless you are blind or do not give a hoot about dog beauty you will agree that one of the American Rottweiler facts is that it is a pretty handsome breed. From the time it is born through to adulthood and old age, an American Rottweiler is lovely on the eye. This makes grooming easy and fun to do.

5. It is muscular

American Rottweiler

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A large and muscular dog is pleasing to some but not to others. One of the American Rottweiler facts is that it is large, powerful and muscular. Like many other cuddly dogs also, this one loves to throw its weight around especially on your laps, feet, chest and even the head. This is a good thing if you enjoy such kind of affection.

4. It has a steady temper

steady temper

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A short-tempered dog is trouble. It can go off at anytime on anyone causing long periods of barking or even worse, fighting. Thankfully, an American Rottweiler is just the exact opposite; this dog is calm, confident and steady tempered. This means having it around kids and other animals may not be dangerous.

3. It can have a good lifespan

It can have a good lifespan

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A Rottweiler can live for anything between eight to eleven years. This is a good period to have one dog for. Others breeds never reach the 8th year mark before they grow old and have to leave this world. This is sufficient time to have your dog properly trained and introduced to all family members. This is one of the best reasons for an American Rottweiler.

2. It is a hard worker

It is a hard worker

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Among the American Rottweiler facts is that it can be as active as a German Shepherd so if need be, it can be used to perform a few duties in the farm or in a rescue mission. Perhaps the reason for this is its powerful physique and intelligence; the two desirable qualities for such kinds of duties. It goes without say that before this happens, sufficient training, coaching and exercise is a must.

1. It is a great apartment pet

It is a great apartment pet

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This also makes it home to the list of the best reasons for an American Rottweiler. Since a significant number of people reside in apartments rather than townhomes or mansions or bungalows etc, the quality of dogs sought after is the ability to be contained in an apartment. Well, this can only work if you let it go outdoors as much as you can.

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