Top 10 Amazing “Guitar Hero” Players

Guitar Hero is the video game series with worldwide popularity in which a player use a controller with the shape of a guitar to simulate guitar playing of many popular songs. The player must follow the notes scrolling on a screen to reach points. The first game of a series was developed by a Harmonix group and published in 2005 for Sony Playstation 2. Throughout the years, sequel parts and many other add-ons were released for various platforms, some of them had an official license to use the big names in the music business like Aerosmith or Metallica. Many Guitar Hero players like to compare the results they have achieved with other players and the community is creating various ranking charts. Some of the amazing Guitar Hero players are listed in our chart.

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10. 0000DD

0000ddImage Credit: Xoom Clips

Of the all amazing Guitar Hero players, 0000DD known also as „Blue“ has probably no competition in FCing sections. He was able to achieve (and prove it) the killing solo of the Soulless 2 Tech FC. However, there are probably the better players for a full combo of the whole songs. Nevertheless, he is one of the best Guitar Hero players.

9. Ukogmonkey

ukogmonkeyImage Credit: Amazon

Ukogmonkey deserves the credit for being the popular Guitar Hero player. He completed the difficult songs like the „Fury of the Storm“ by Dragonforce, „Diachylon“ by Chaotrope or „Constant Motion“ by Dream Theater. Definitely, has the place among the amazing Guitar Hero players.

8. PhantomGhero

phantomgheroImage Credit: Techno Buffalo

Young Guitar Hero player who has already made a lot of impressive shows with completing the uneasy tasks as Dark Caves of LOLNO FC, Zoidberg the Cowboy FC, Madness March Kamikaze 744 BPM FC or Scarred Solo FC. He has a potential to be one of the best Guitar Hero players.

7. Guitarheroaddict112

guitarheroaddict112Image Credit: Game Informer

Another Guitar Hero player with the big potential. Some of his full combos of songs like „The Devil Went Down to Georgia“, „Eddie’s Solo“ or „Frequency“ were really impressive. He has a rightful place among the other amazing Guitar Hero players.

6. Void222x

void222xImage Credit: Player Attack

An author of the first-ever Black Hole FC and other impressive FCs of hard-to-play songs. He also added several very good custom songs. He is very well known in the Guitar Hero community and a member of an elite group of the best Guitar Hero players.

5. Ggamerman

ggamermanImage Credit: Amazon

He was able to do several first-ever FCs of difficult songs, some of which were not repeated for a very long time after his successful plays. Resurrection 110%, Soulless 3, Misadventure or Stereo Sweeps Insane Version made him one of the best Guitar Hero players.

4. Megapengproductions

megapengproductionsImage Credit: G4tv

He is very skillful in playing and master of fast trills. His performance of „Arcane Apparatus From Beyond“, „Sonic Stomp Impossible Ending“ or „Offers Final Battle“ full combos will be remembered within a community for a long time. He is a big name among amazing Guitar Hero players.

3. MorandiV8

morandiv8Image Credit: Recenze Her

Morandi is not as active in the community as some other Guitar Hero players but his skills are more than sufficient to catapult Morandi to the company of other amazing Guitar Hero players. Full combos of „Turbo Bumblebee 395 BPM“, „Wheels in Motion Live“ and others will be remembered for a long time.

2. Tobias543797543

tobias543797543Image Credit: Forbes

With his great set of first-ever full combos like „Media Sweeps“, „Troubles“ or „Patterns 2“, Tobias is a legend. One of the kings of the Guitar Hero. Very near to the absolute tops, he is able to play even the hardest songs.

1. Gamingfreak3

gamingfreak3Image Credit: Digital Trends

The truth is that Gamingfreak3 has created a category of his own. There is no one else who can compete with him. Full combos of „Destruction Armageddon“, „Speed Kills“, „Blunderbuss 125%“ and many other songs made history and he will always be the legend. The name of Gamingfreak3 will always be the synonym of the best of the best Guitar Hero players.

This was the list of many amazing Guitar Hero players. Maybe you have just decided that you will beat all of those great Guitar Hero players in this list. If this is the case, good luck with your quest. To be even more inspired, try to read our list of the Top 10 Best Guitarists of All Time. With the game, you will have the chance to experience the feelings of a rock superstar. When you will work hard and train a lot, you can be a Guitar Hero superstar. So, will you accept the challenge? There are still many incredibly hard songs waiting for you which can make you a legend!

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