Top 10 Video Games That Never Saw the Light of Day

Image Source: Whimsical Whitfield Hundreds of video games die premature deaths every year, often in complete silence. Sometimes, they leave behind great-looking trailers and unreleased material that makes us wistfully wonder about what could have been. There are many reasons for canceled video games before release. Sometimes, they are over-ambitious and impossible to complete. Sometimes, […]


Top 10 Bosses in Video Game History

Image source: US Gamer Most of the best video games are nothing without a great boss battle. Bosses are tough. But getting to them is one of the biggest motivations that players prepare for throughout the game. Here’s what we want from video game bosses: they should feel like a challenge, they should be tough, […]


Top 10 Zelda Franchise Video Games

Image Source: Nerdist The Zelda franchise video games have have just had a new updated addition. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has just been released for Nintendo (and some people have already managed to run it on the PC!). It’s a great game to try the new Switch console on. We already […]


Top 10 Amazing Chess Moves

Compiling the best chess moves of all time is not a job for a single day. It involves compiling all the best games played over centuries and analyzing the best chess moves. This could take years and most likely fill more than one book. However, we have made an effort at bringing to light the […]


Top 10 Games for your Android Watch

Today is your lucky day if you have one of the Android wears and are in desperate need for some fun via an assortment of entertaining Android watch games. There are quite a number of them, all with amazing features, controls and levels of entertainment. Here we have concentrated on ten of the best of […]


Top 10 Chess Players of All Time

The history of chess can be traced to the ancient India (c. 280 – 550) where the game has its roots. In the following years, the game expanded to the Middle East, China and the Southeast Asia and ultimately to Europe around 1000 AD. The first chess tournament of the modern era took place in […]


Top 10 Sims Expansions of All Time

Ever since the Sims video game was invented a while ago, its fame doesn’t seem to stop spreading. The subsequent releases immediately became some of the best expansion packs for the Sims the moment they hit the market. So what are some of the most amazing all-time Sims expansions? Take a look down below as […]


Top 10 Free Online Games

Do you know what is the only thing better than a free game? It´s the game which is free and immediately ready to be played, without any download and installation. There are plenty of free online games on the internet, some of them are not good and you will switch them off after few seconds […]


Top 10 Xbox Games ever

When Microsoft introduced original Xbox games, it immediately curved out a niche in the gaming industry. Thanks to the introduction of a series of Xbox games that are still trending to date. The following is a list of the top 10 best Xbox games of all time. Image source:  Xbox 10. Rock band 3 Image […]