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Top 10 FPS Games for Android

Android is the most common operating system for mobiles and tablets all around the world. Globally, almost 1.5 billion users are taking advantage of Android on daily basis. It´s hardly surprising that thousands of app developers want to take their part in this. Games are one of the most popular categories within the Google Play app store and as first-person shooters (FPS) are very popular among games, every list of the best fps games for Android is being watched very closely. Are you ready for some action? Load your gun and continue reading. Maybe you will be inspired and you will find a game which will entertain you for a long time.

10. Dead Trigger 2

Dead Trigger 2

Image Credit: PocketMeta

Zombies are threatening the planet once again, it´s upon you to save it (again…)! With a wide variety of weapons, you will surely make it. If you are looking for some good Android FPS games, you should not miss this one. With perfect graphics and addicting gameplay, you will find yourself playing it all the time. And if you want to get the maximum out of this app, be sure to play it on NVIDIA-powered machines as you will get the even higher level of details, active lightning or enhanced physics of the environment.

9. Deer Hunter 2016

Deer Hunter 2016

Image Credit: deer-hunter-2016

A long time ago, Deer Hunter was a PC game, most people were laughing it and it was collecting very low ratings from gaming magazines. Nevertheless, the times have changed. Now, Deer Hunter is respected franchise loved by many. This newest Android version offers a lot to those who do not need aliens or blood-thirsty zombies. If you like nice natural sceneries rather than that, this game is for you. Deer Hunter definitely has it´s firm place among FPS games for Android.

8. Modern Combat 5: Blackout

Modern Combat 5: Blackout

Image Credit: toucharcade

Are you a gaming veteran who remembers the times when the storyline played the most important role in an overall game experience? Modern Combat 5 has the strong storyline as well as the great gameplay, perfect graphics and also a perfect multiplayer. If you are looking for Android FPS games which can bring you the real PC or gaming console experience, download Modern Combat 5: Blackout.

7. Call of Duty: Strike Team

Call of Duty: Strike Team

Image Credit: Svetandroida

In 2003, the first game of the Call of Duty series was released. This WW2 game started one of the most successful franchises in the gaming industry. Thirteen games so far were released for PC and consoles. In 2013, this series moved to Android as well. In Call of Duty: Strike Team, you will take part in an effort of a special operations team to stop a global war. This game offers you a solid action with good technical parameters. We would not expect anything less from such a famous name… On the other hand, you will pay for the name with a price little bit higher than usual and annoying in-game purchases.

6. NOVA 3: Freedom Edition

NOVA 3: Freedom Edition

Image Credit:steemit

Are you ready to save the world once again? In this one of the best fps games for android, you will enjoy a large portion of high-tech fighting against next generation of enemies. The perfect thing is the fact that NOVA 3 is free and it has no in-game purchases. The only price you pay is by watching occasional ads.

5. Critical Ops

Critical Ops

Image Credit: Pocket Gamer

Maybe the most interesting within our list of Android FPS games. The game is in its alpha version but you can download it and play it for free. In critical ops, you can choose between playing a member of an anti-terrorist unit and terrorist. The multiplayer is included. And not only that the game is free, although it contains some limited in-game purchases, it is not necessary to finish a game which is a feature we really appreciate.

4. Unkilled


Image Credit: Androidtip

Zombies are eternal and saving the world from them is a non-ending business. With a great looking graphics and dynamics effects like explosions, shadows or reflections combined with hundreds of missions and addicting gameplay, this is definitely a game not to miss among FPS games for Android.

3. Fields of Battle

Fields of Battle

Image Credit: Coolsmartphone

What do saviors of the world and zombie killers when they a free time? They play paintball, of course! This paintball simulator has all of its important features: one hit elimination, a wide variety of movements and gestures as well as a solid selection of weapons. We like Android FPS games which are free and the Fields of Battle is! Unfortunately, you won´t avoid in-game purchases for new weapons, gear, ammo etc.

2. Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour

Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour

Image Credit: tamindir

The same as fifth part of a series (No. 8 in our list), this game brings you an experience comparable to that you can get with PC or console – perfect graphics, addictive gameplay, great storyline, large weapons arsenal… Hours of fun are awaiting you! One of the best FPS games for Android.

1. Into the Dead

Into the Dead

Image Credit: Game Informer

Forget the storyline, it´s all about zombies again (surprise!). The real fun of this game lies in the never-ending stream of shotable zombies, many collect-ups, weapons and in the absolute addictive gameplay. What is the best among best FPS games for android? Into the Dead is a definitive candidate!

As you can see from this list, there are many possibilities for the real FPS action. Talking about Android, you should be interested in our Top 10 Reasons to Choose Samsung over Apple comparison.

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