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Top 10 Xbox Games ever

When Microsoft introduced original Xbox games, it immediately carved out a niche in the gaming industry thanks to the introduction of a series of Xbox games that are still trending to date. The following is a list of the top 10 best Xbox games of all time.

10. Rockband 3

Rockband 3

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Rock band 3 is one of the few original Xbox games that are purely music-based. This is a great pick for all wannabe rock artists. The game came on the scene at a time when rock was the in thing and being in a rock band equaled to being cool and on fleek.  The multiplayer options allow the players to setup a full band from the instrumentalists to the vocalists.

9. Spiderman 2

Spiderman 2

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Even though few people would admit it, almost everyone wants to be Spiderman- and it was all wishful thinking until the spider man 2 games was released. This was the very first of the original Xbox games that allowed the player to be a superhero and totally decide how the superhero dangles over skyscrapers as they fought for the voiceless. Some critics argue that this is one of the best Xbox games and it only meets its equal in batman.

8. Burnout 3: takedown

Burnout 3: takedown

Image Source: Burnout wiki

Racing fans can be categorized into three broad classes: Ganturismo fans, Mario kart fans and burn out fans. These are the top three original Xbox games in the racing genre. For the burnout fans, burnout 3 is the ultimate experience in racing. The game has one of the most action-paced racing that it will give any gamer the thrill of a lifetime. For instance, the game has the takedown mode that allows you to beat your opponents in order to eliminate them from the race.

7. Star wars battlefront II

Star wars battlefront II

Image Source: IGN

Ever watched any of the star wars movies and wished you could be part of the real action? Well, now you can, thanks to star wars battlefront II. The developer did a great job of borrowing from the star wars theme and this is probably the only of the original Xbox games that will leave you feeling like a Jedi knight as you contend with enemies. In addition to the star wars architecture, the game has introduced some innovative gaming modes like titanic space battles.

6. Forza Motorsport

Forza Motorsport

Image Source: Forza  motorsport

Forza motorsport is often referred to as a Gran Turismo clone but to be fairly honest, it is an understatement. Granted, the Microsoft team used Gran turismo for inspiration but they did not just clone it- they went an extra step and made it even better. When all was said and done, Forza motorsport emerged as one of the best Xbox games and it has remained on the top for years.

5. Beyond good and evil

Beyond good and evil

Image Source: STEAM

If you are looking for original Xbox games that are totally out of the box, beyond good and evil is a good place to begin. From cute strange animals to jet packs that are fueled by farts, this game will literally blow your mind away. The game is an interesting and intricate concoction of love, government controversy, revolution and trust.

4. Fable


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This game was originally pitched to be one of the Xbox games that guarantee an open-ended experience. It is a unique game for many reasons but mostly because it was released in an unfinished format and still become a hit. Maybe it became a sensation thanks to the ability to start with a character and literally watch their life transform from childhood, adulthood, marriage and eventual death in old age.

3. Mercenaries: playground of destruction

Mercenaries: playground of destruction

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Few Xbox games offer a bleak and depressing experience like mercenaries. The battle scorched landscape of the game helps to accurately capture how the air really feels in a time of war. But the adrenaline rush that comes from deploying destructive weapons is so much fun that the depression air is almost forgotten by the player.

2. Crimson skies

Crimson skies

Image Source: crimson skies wikia

Even though this game features some old plane models, the arcade style dogfights will keep you hooked once you give it a test drive. Crimson skies is one of Microsoft’s first Xbox games but the thrill of swooshing in the air as you fire missiles never grows old. This explains why this game is still a favorite for many in the gaming community. 

1. Steel battalion

Steel battalion

Image Source: Mega bears fan

Way back before playing musical instruments at home was the norm, this was one of the Xbox games to give you a virtual experience of playing a guitar or a drum set. Steel battalion was loved because it gave the player an almost real experience. Many years after its inception, players that love feeling a taste of mech control still love the game.

So there you have it – out top ten list of the best Xbox games. Have another game you think we should have included in our best Xbox games listicle? Let us know in the comments section below.

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