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Top 10 Lies We Hear on Political Campaigns

All Lies We Hear on Political Campaigns start with a lot of false promises sounding like this: “I will do everything in my power to increase salaries, allowances for children and pensions for the elders”. We have heard them all repetitive times but most of the politicians never stick to their promises and leave us with a bitter taste of our decision to vote for them.

10. Health Insurrance

Health Insurrance

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One of the most common political campaign lies is about health insurance. After the implementation of the affordable care act, Barack Obama said that over 125 million people could have face discrimination, but now they have access to coverage. This controversial law regarding health has generated a lot of discussions between the ones who agree with it and the ones who disagree with this law. 40% of the US population is a little too much for a discrimination.

9. Anti-immigration


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Other political campaign lies come from Peter Session regarding anti-immigration lies. There are a lot of controversies about the Obama administration letting go murderers that came into this country. Undocumented immigrants started to spread fear amongst citizens, but still you can’t judge a book by its covers since there are a lot of native citizens that commit murders.

8. Refugges

Donald Trump

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Another series of political campaign lies is regarding refugees. Donald Trump said in his political campaigns that there will take in 250,000 Syria refugees. Despite this affirmation, after the attack in Paris from November they decided to keep America safe and banned refugees. Of course, every country is interested into keeping its citizens safe, but why promise something that you know you can’t deliver.

7. Planed Parenthood

Planed Parenthood

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The Planned Parenthood lies we hear on political campaigns talking about 30% of women health care get during their lives. This just isn’t true, as in 2015, Planned Parenthood was the main subject for abortion opponents to use for disinformation. Politicians were forced to defend the organization by highlighting factual problems for some accusations. The company itself declared that only 20% of women visit their clinic during their lifetime.

6. Women health

Women health

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Jeb Bush comes up with other lies in his political campaigns. He declares that Planned Parenthood is not dealing with women health, their domain is very different. You are not obliged to like the company or to vote for raising funds from the government for it, but arguments come from both sides. Still, there is one aspect that most people are not 100% agreeing with, the part where they use fetal tissues after an abortion for research.

5. National Security

National Security

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Political campaign lies are not tabu for Hillary Clinton either. She used a personal e-mail address for work correspondence as the Secretary of State, putting national security in high danger. She told the congressional panel that her emails have backup in the State Department. The truth, they were archived nowhere as she was using her private address so the State Department didn’t have access to it.

4. Terrorism and climate change

Terrorism and climate change


I think one of the most hilarious lies we hear on political campaigns was told by Senator Bernie Sanders: “Climate change is directly related to the growth of terrorism”. Does he actually think that global warming affects people in such manner that they lose their minds and become killers over night? No, climate change does not affect the growth of terrorism.

3. Global Warming

Global Warming

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Amongst our top three political campaigns that are full of lies we find Ted Cruz, the senator of Texas, who says that the president is not bombing ISIS’ oil fields due to global warming. This quote was actually stolen from a CIA agent and it wasn’t taken entirely correct. Unfortunately he just managed to misrepresent his country’s strategy to fight against this terrorist organization.

2. Pipeline can cause environmental dangers

Barack Obama's

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Other lies that we hear on political campaigns can sound like this: “The Keystone XL pipeline bypasses the US”. The only reason for Obama administration not making a decision to allow or not to allow the built of Keystone XL pipeline was only political. Still, they tried to cover it up by implying that the pipeline will carry environmental dangerous tar sands oil and dirt along US. They of course don’t admit that 15% of the oil is processed in the Midwestern while the bigger percentage will be in the Gulf Coast where there are a lot of employees. 

1. Arabs dancing in the street after the World Trade Center attack

Donald Trump

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Political campaign lies are made on different domains of interest, but this one just swipes you off your feet. After the World Trade Center attack he repeated over and over again that thousands of people in New Jersey were cheering. He never saw these arabs dancing in the street and his only argument is “you can’t prove that it didn’t happen”.

To conclude, you never know what kind of political campaign lies but short after the political campaigns end you will start to see which were. It’s in their human nature to lie to the entire population in order to get their votes and then just disappoint everybody. Why bother even believing in them in the first place? Maybe we are just too naïve and each time we believe that this one is different.

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