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Top 10 Unsung Inventors’ Who Didn’t Get Enough Credit

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  • Post published:December 18, 2020

We see many different things around us that make life much easier for us. Have you ever wondered who invented them and went through all the trouble of experimenting and researching on different aspects of what they were working on till they got it right? It appears to be a pretty tough job and the worst part is that some of these greatest inventors did not even receive the full credit in the greatest inventors’ history. On contrary, there were some famous inventors who didn’t deserve it but they still got a lot of appreciation and recognition from the masses. 10 of the most top-notch inventors who didn’t receive the credit they deserved are discussed in the paragraphs below.

10. Sir Tim Berners-Lee

Sir Tim Berners-Lee

Image Credit: wired

Sir Time Berners Lee is certainly one of the greatest inventors of all times who deserves to be a part of the greatest inventors history. He is the great brain that worked behind the invention of what we know as the World Wide Web. He created the first website in 1991 which led towards the development of the internet but unfortunately he didn’t patent his idea so never made his way to making any kind of royalties. We owe you a big thanks Sir!

9. Laszlo Biro

Laszlo Biro

Image Credit: celebrityborn

Unlike the famous inventors who didn’t deserve it, the life story of Laszlo Biro tells us otherwise. He surely deserves being included in the list of the greatest inventors of the world. In the year 1938, Biro got a patent for the ball point pen after he got so frustrated with using fountain pens that leaked all the time. After 7 years of his great invention, he sold the patent to Marcel Bich in the year 1945. He was the owner of the company named BIC and he pocketed most of the profits generated as a result of the sale of more than 100 billion ball point pens that have been sold up till now.

8. Mikhail Kalashnikov

Mikhail Kalashnikov

Image Credit: dawn

Mikhail Kalashnikov is a Russian who invented the famous assault rifle called AK-47 in the year 1947. He didn’t patent his product as he said that he created the gun only for his country’s good. In 1990s, the company that was manufacturing the AK-47 got a patent for it but Kalashnikov certainly deserves a shining spot in the greatest inventors history.


7. Daisuke Inoue

Daisuke Inoue

Image Credit: worldkings

Unlike those famous inventors who didn’t deserve it, Daisuke Inoue is one who deserves all the credit for the invention of the Karaoke machine. He was a Japanese businessman but he didn’t happen to patent his invention.


6. Sir Christopher Cockerell

Sir Christopher Cockerell

Image Credit: alchetron

Sir Christopher Cockerell is one of the greatest inventors that the world has ever seen. He is known for several inventions including the basic idea behind a hovercraft that he came up with while using tin cans with a vacuum cleaner. Unfortunately the great inventor had to experience some set backs when he was trying to patent his ideas and famous inventors who didn’t deserve it tried to steal the work of his life from him.

5. Douglas Engelbart

Douglas Engelbart

Image Credit: dezeen

Douglas Engelbart is the great mind behind the invention of computer mouse. He came up with the whole idea in the year 1968 and deserves to be included in the greatest inventors history.


4. Ron Klein

Ron Klein

Image Credit: secretknock

Ron Klein is the great inventor behind the invention of the credit card’s magnetic strip. He patented the idea in the year 1968 but didn’t make a lot of money out of it while numerous companies made billions of dollars using his invention. However, he was recognized for his invention and was given the name of the ‘Grandfather of Possibilities’.


3. John Walker

John Walker

Image Credit:  scoopwhoop

John Walker is the mind behind the invention of match sticks. He invented them in the decade of 1820s but didn’t get much success with his patent.


2. Alexey Pajitnov

Alexey Pajitnov

Image Credit: wikipedia

Alexey Pajitnov is one of the greatest inventors in the field of computer games. He is the brains behind the famous computer game called Tetris. He developed it while he was working for the Russian government but didn’t make a good deal of money because all the royalties went to the government.


1. Harvey Ball

 Harvey Ball

Image Credit : medium

Harvey Ball is the man who invented the smiley that is commonly used in tweets, emails and text messages these days. It was the year 1963 when Ball designed the emoticon for improving the flagging morale of the employees working at insurance company. Later on it got popular but he never managed to make any money out of it.


If we talk about the greatest inventors history, we will come to learn that it is full of famous inventors who didn’t deserve it. On the other hand, there are some who couldn’t get the credit they deserved. This article tried to shed some light on the efforts of those discredited inventors.

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