Incurable Diseases

Top 10 Inventions Yet to Come to Cure the Incurable Diseases

Medicine has come a long way from the ancient times when people could die from simple ailments such as scabies, common cold, and malaria for lack of treatment options to this day when cancer can be cured if detected in good time. However, the world still suffers from a number of incurable diseases such as HIV-AIDS, advanced cancer, and many more. Today we would like to highlight some of the future medical inventions that will come to cure the incurable diseases as projected by medicine. Follow through as we highlight ten of the inventions now.

10. Precision cancer treatment

Precision cancer treatment

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Chemotherapy, as we know, has helped cure a good number of cancer patients and we will forever be grateful for this. The problem with this method of treatment, however, is that along with destroying cancerous cells, it also tampers with the good ones too leading to hair loss, fatigue, and nausea. This expected treatment will only target the cancerous cells leaving the healthy ones intact. These drugs are in the clinical stage and will soon be launched as one of the inventions for the top incurable diseases.

9. Dengue vaccine

Dengue vaccine

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Research has shown that nearly half of the world’s population is at a high risk of developing Dengue disease, one of the incurable diseases brought about by mosquitoes. The symptoms include pain behind the eyes, high fever, muscle, and joint discomfort, nausea, and vomiting. As of now, the disease kills more than 20,000 people each year. Although medical research has experienced difficulties arriving at a good treatment option for Dengue, there’s the hope of a Dengue vaccine, 60% effective at preventing people from developing it.

8.  Mobile Stroke Unit

Mobile Stroke Unit

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Stroke is without a doubt one of the top incurable diseases that claim lives without warning. What leads to death as a result of a stroke is brain damage caused by a blood clot brought about by stroke. What if there existed a drug that targets the blood clot and breaks it up before it causes failure in brain functioning. The future has plans for a Mobile Stroke Unit, an ambulance complete with the drug, and all equipment a stroke patient may require. It is among the future inventions that will come to cure incurable diseases.

7. A pill for heart failure

A pill for heart failure

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When the heart becomes too weak to pump blood, death occurs almost immediately. Many people at risk of heart failure use either beta-blockers or ACE inhibitors that work by opening up the blood vessels to lighten the work of the heart. These fixes can only help to a certain level. The pill expected to cure one of the incurable diseases will prevent the heart from failing no matter its state. A test done of 8,000 patients reveals some good news already therefore it may be launched soon.

6. Affordable breast cancer cure

Affordable breast cancer cure

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It is not rare to hear that a woman died from breast cancer because she couldn’t access the rather expensive treatment. Some make it to the hospital but upon being told the cost of treatment, go back home and wait for fate to have its course. A few researchers in Cleveland Clinic say that the future affordable invention for this deadly disease would be intra-operative therapy- a treatment option that costs 1/5th times cheaper than the normal one. This treatment is the list of inventions for top incurable diseases will involve offering one dose of radiation right after surgery to get rid of the tumors.

5. Lung disease drugs

Lung disease drugs


Lung disease also knows as Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis (IPF) also falls in the category of incurable diseases that take down many lives. Once you have the disease, your lungs fill up with scar tissue and makes breathing difficult. There is no treatment and normally one lives for 3-5 years after diagnosis. Thanks to medical research that will come to cure the incurable diseases; two drugs that improve the normal functioning of the lung by reducing the scar tissue are on the way to being available to the world.

4. Wireless Pacemaker

Wireless Pacemaker

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In the quest to find cure for some of the top incurable diseases, the field of medicine came up with a pacemaker in 1958, a device that electronically connects to the functioning of the heart through tiny wires. The downside of this discovery is that sometimes the wires dislodge in the body or break apart. This is where the future inventions in medicine come in. A new pacemaker with no wires is being developed now with a much smaller size and a direct connection to the heart. This will no doubt save many hearts in the world.

3. Augmented reality

Augmented reality

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When it comes to diabetes, management is the key to beating the disease. This is the main reason Google came up with the digital contact lens which measures blood sugar levels using tears. The prototype is going through numerous tests before it is declared as one of the inventions that will come to cure incurable diseases. With this, surgeons can also check the status of the blood vessels without necessarily opening up other body organs.

2. Medical 3-D printing

Medical 3-D printing


We have seen them in sci-fi medical movies and word has it these will soon be real and available to cure some of the top incurable diseases in the world. 3-D printing is the technology of printing drugs and simple organs as required by the patient.

1. Real-time diagnosis

Real-time diagnosis

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Surgeons will be particularly happy about this great discovery that will come to cure the incurable diseases. The invention is known as the intelligent surgical knife (iKnife) and its principle is minimal blood loss during incision. The knife will be able to achieve this by heating the tissue via electrical currents before cutting into it. The knife can also tell if any tissue is malignant or not and it can do this real time meaning surgical operations can take as little time as possible and more lives will be saved in the process.

So there you have it- the list of inventions bound to cure the incurable diseases and make the world a better place. Well, we appreciate you stopping by. If you enjoyed reading through, browse through the website for more reads.

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