Inventions of the Ancient World

Top 10 Inventions of the Ancient World

Throughout the entire history of the world, some of the biggest and life-changing ancient inventions have defined different civilizations. Top 10 Inventions Ancient world have simply changed the way we live our life. They have enabled us as well as our ancestors to make our life easier and more enduring with much lesser hindrances and hardships. Lucky for the ancient people, the ancient world was simply filled with amazing possibilities and opportunities since they had a lot to discover and invent.

Ancient Rome without any doubt is known to be among the biggest and most prominent names known for carrying out amazing ancient inventions that led towards the evolution of modern-day advancement in sciences and technology. Doubtlessly, amazing ancient inventions that totally changed the entire course of development and human nature itself. In the paragraphs below, there are discussed the top 10 ancient inventions that simply revolutionized the world.

10. Archs


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Arches are considered to be one of the most amazing ancient inventions of all time. Ancient Romans not only invented by worked a lot in the evolution of arches. They carried a good deal of experimentation and research to come up with a construct that might be able to fit in different kinds of architectural schemes.

9. Grid based cities

Grid based cities

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Grid-based cities surely deserve a spot in the list of top 10 ancient inventions that changed the course of how we look at the institution of city and town planning. The invention goes way back to the cities of Harappa and Mahjong Daro which are still preserved in good shape in Pakistan.

8. Sewers and sanitation

Sewers and sanitation

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Another big ancient world invention is what we see in the form of sewers and sanitation in the modern world. The entire system was first invented by the ancient Romans who established one interlinked sewage line that connected all the latrines and public baths present within the area. They also excelled in coming up with the idea of using covered sewer lines and gutters to cut off the filthy sewerage material from the rest of the town.

7. Roads and highways

Roads and highways

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One of the most amazing ancient inventions of all time is the invention of highways and roads. A major reason behind the long reign of the Romans as leader of the world was the establishment of a very sophisticated network of roads that connected the ancient city to other parts of the area.

6. Aqueducts


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If we take a look back at ancient Roman times, we would be amazed to see that they happened to enjoy several facilities. A lot of them wouldn’t have been possible if they hadn’t made the invention of constructing aqueducts for the preservation and tapping of water from different reservoirs like springs and rivers.

5. Roman numerals

Roman numerals

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As already suggested by the name, Roman numerals are yet another amazing ancient invention of the Roman people. This ancient number system was first used sometime around 800 and 900 BC. It was so good that it is still being used in different evolved forms these days.

4. Surgery tools and techniques

Surgery tools and techniques

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One of the most sophisticated and useful ancient world inventions is one of the different kinds of surgical tools and techniques. These techniques and tools helped a lot in the evolution and development of the entire field of surgery and medicine.

3. Julian calendar

Julian calendar

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By the time the Romans managed to make their way to becoming the leaders and biggest civilization in the western part of the world, they realized the need of creating a good, standard calendar to be used throughout their entire empire. That’s when they came with the idea of the Julian calendar. It was invented by Julius Caesar and definitely deserves to be among the list of top 10 ancient world inventions.

2. Newspaper


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The entire history of mankind is filled with different autocrats who constantly had a craving of keeping the general public aware of what is going on around them. So the credit for making the ancient invention of Newspaper also goes to the ancient Roman empire. It was the year 59 BC when the Romans started the distribution of a handwritten newspaper.

1. Concrete


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Concrete is yet another amazing ancient invention that was made by the Romans. They were known to be very skillful in the construction of new structures and buildings. In addition to this, they were enthusiastic about carrying out different kinds of research projects related to the entire industry of construction.

Keeping in view the above mentioned ancient inventions it may be said that Romans were the pioneers of making some of the most amazing brilliant and evolutionary ancient world inventions. Go through our page to read other similar informative pieces regarding some of the most promising discoveries and inventions the world has ever seen.

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