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Top 10 Best Countries to Visit During Winter

Snow has already begun falling in some parts of the globe such as the United States and parts of Europe and people are busy planning their best winter trips around the world. Thankfully, the world is a hub of the best destinations for winter for the whole family. If you are the kind of person that would rather travel out and about than stay indoors all day long, here is your guide to the countries to visit during winter.

10. Vilnius, Lithuania

Vilnius, Lithuania

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Even without snow, Vilnius is a beautiful town full of castles, red-tile roofs, gothic churches and a famous historic center also known as Old Town. Now imagine snow covering all these features with the frozen River Neris right at the centre of the town. The lights also shine bright at night accentuating its beauty even more. Plan your best winter trips around Christmas and enjoy the performances such as The Nutcracker, and Three Kings Procession at Vilnius.

9. Costa Rica

Costa Rica

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Costa Rica is among the countries to visit during winter especially for warm-blooded individuals. The sun blazes and the beaches fill up with beautiful people. Since it is bordered by the Caribbean and the Pacific oceans, you can enjoy the opportunity of gazing at both water bodies or better still, go fishing or snorkeling.

8. Seville

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This is yet another great destination you may want to consider when you are planning your best winter trips. Like Costa Rica, Seville has plenty of sun, mouth-watering food and amazing architectural designs. Andalusia, Seville’s capital parted ways with winter a long time ago. Temperatures sometimes drop to around 200C in November but go back up even before March comes around.

7. New York

New York

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New York winter is as cold as no other especially as December intensifies into the New Year. It is nonetheless among the best destinations for winter with all its glorious buildings and other man made features all covered in snow. Amazingly, the sun shines during the day and the sky is also blue at certain times. If you find yourself in the Big Apple during the Christmas season which often starts after thanksgiving, be sure to catch the Holiday Walk at the Fifth Avenue between 39th and 59th streets. All the shops along this avenue including Henri Bendel, Saks, Bergdorf Goodman and many more beautifully decorate the place using native mobiles or snowbound scenes.

6. Athens



When you are looking to enjoy yourself, is Athens among the countries to visit during winter? Not if you are not a fan of a hip nightlife with presence of lovely bars and social people. The most famous street for endless fan is the street of Kolokotroni, a place that always fills up with great food and all kinds of beverages. Best winter trips in Athens also involve dining in fine restaurants and staying in glorious hotels.

5. Berlin


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If you are planning one of your best destinations for winter around Europe, Berlin should be at the top of your list. The transformation that takes place when winter comes around is simply stunning. The lakes surrounding the city all freeze over and all the pavements become flooded with people trying to get services in one of the nearest bars, cafes, galleries, theatres and museums. Christmas markets of all sizes and nature are also in plenty during winter in Berlin so look out for those as well.

4. Cuba


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Cuba is great for winter sun and not the cold weather like the other aforementioned countries to visit during winter. It is one of the biggest Caribbean Islands with a ton of beaches to its north coast. It is also adjacent to Havana City with all its architecture and mythical art. Be sure to make Veradero, a town in Cuba, among your best destinations for winter especially if you have a large family.

3. Mozambique



The next time you decide to travel to some of the best countries to visit during winter, think about Mozambique, the southern Africa’s centre for tourism. You are guaranteed of lots of safaris across the Gorongosa National Park and other parks as well. The country also has a number of beaches along Indian Ocean and a wide range of chic resorts offering delicious local and international cuisines.

2. Budapest


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Budapest is one of the European’s best destinations for winter, excellent for cold weather lovers. Albeit snow falls frequently, hotels in this country are quite inexpensive so you can decide to have one of those best winter trips featuring indoor sites such as the Hungarian National Gallery. Adventurous people are also taken care of in Budapest owing to vast the number of outdoor thermal baths around the city.

1. San Juan, Puerto Rico

San Juan, Puerto Rico

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San Juan is famous for hosting one of the best winter events (San Sebastian Street Fest) in the world. You have an opportunity to enjoy tasty foods, parades, vendors and a number of children’s activities.  As expected, Puerto Rico’s music also fills the air all year round and it comes in all styles- salsa, batucada (percussion samba), meringue and reggae ton. This means that the party goes on and on. At the end of the holiday season, the free festival takes shape in a joyous and carnival-like atmosphere attracting local and international tourists.

This marks the end of our top 10 countries to consider visiting during winter. It is now upto you to make your choice; do you want the winter sun or regions with temperatures in the minuses? Do you enjoy partying or being adventurous with nature? Choose wisely! Thanks for the read. Please remember to browse through this website for other interesting reads.

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