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Top 10 Amazing Restaurants In The World

Do you think a plain croissant tastes better when you have it under ornate marble roofs with ornate, royal chandeliers? Does spaghetti taste better in a grotto right by the sea, with the waves flowing below your feet? Some of the most amazing restaurants in the world are built in unbelievably beautiful settings. You’ll have to see to believe some of the most beautiful restaurants that you can dine at. Let’s get you started on your bucket list!

10. Nozomi Sushi Bar

Nozomi Sushi Bar

Image Source: Masque Spacio

The Nozomi Sushi Bar in Spain is probably one of the world’s best restaurants for sushi outside Japan. And it’s also a gorgeous example of restaurant design. We’d say it’s one of the world’s most beautiful restaurants where the credit goes entirely to the designer and his choice of materials and colors. Unlike many of the other beautiful restaurants on this list, where the designer shares the credit with the setting. At Nozomi, in Valencia, the natural wood, white accents and floral origami on the roof are all part of the expensive and excellent traditional sushi experience that you can enjoy.

9. Maiden’s Tower Restaurant, Istanbul, Turkey

Maiden’s Tower Restaurant

Image Source: istanbulitemag

This is one of the most amazing restaurants in the world for its setting – a lighthouse in an islet on the strait of Bosphorus. The tower has many myths and legends surrounding it. It was supposedly used by the Sultan to protect his daughter from a prophecy of a snakebite – but she died in his arms in the tower anyway. It was used as a lighthouse. Today, it houses a restaurant and coffee shop. It’s a great place for a nice European dinner and barbecue.

8. Ristorante Grottia Palazzese, Polignano a Mare, Italy

Ristorante Grottia Palazzese

Image Source: We Playa

This fantastic Italian restaurant is set in a limestone cavern in a cliff, overlooking the Adriatic Sea. It’s not a new restaurant – apparently the Italian nobles would dine here in the 18th century. Today, the restaurant is open seasonally. It has a darkwood floor below which the waves rumble under your feet. The white tablecloths and the dramatic views makes it one of the most amazing restaurants in the world and a romantic spot for a special occasion.

7. The Grotto, Krabi, Thailand

The Grotto

Image Source: Rayavadee

While the Italian restaurant is elevated over the sea, this beautiful restaurant is in an ancient limestone cavern on sand. It’s one of the world’s best restaurants for a leisurely lunch or cocktails at sunset. If you make reservations in advance, the restaurant will arrange a delicious barbecue for you.

6. Asiate in New York, New York

Asiate in New York

Image Source: Gallivant

This stunning restaurant is one of New York’s fine dining restaurants with a fantastic 35th floor view of the iconic NYC skyline. The wining and dining is inventive, creative and contemporary. Anytime is good for the views – you can see Central Park down below. It’s a fantastic place for a romantic or business lunch – staff is very professional and helpful.

5. Caldera, Santorini, Greece


Image Source: pinterest

If looking out over a caldera volcano is your idea of a perfect meal, then make sure to dine at least once  at Caldera, on the island of Santorini in Greece. It is one of the most beautiful restaurants in daylight and at sunset. The food is amazing too.

4. Dasheene, St. Lucia, West Indies


Image Source: Pinterest

Dasheene at Ladera is one of the most amazing restaurants in the world for its open-air dining overlooking the breathtaking Pitons and the Caribbean Sea. The food is creative, but based on local St. Lucian cuisine. While you’re dining, you just might have a tropical come in to join you at your table! The restaurant also has a lovely pool area. If you’re ever in St. Lucia, don’t forget to enjoy at least one meal in Dasheene.

3. Skyline Restaurant, Queenstown, New Zealand

Skyline Restaurant

Image Source: holidayd

The Skyline Stratosfare Restaurant is one of the world’s best restaurants for enjoying iconic Maori cuisines with contemporary twists. It helps that the views over Lake Wakatipu and the mountains in the distance are stunning. The only way to get up there is on a gondola, which is a fun ride up. Wondering where to watch the sun go down in Queenstown? You heard it from us!

2. Le Louis XV, Monte Carlo, Monaco

 Le Louis XV

Image Source: Pure Entertainment Group

This is not a restaurant for everyone. If dazzling chandeliers, ornate marbled walls, white upholstery and tablecloths, gold-painted accents and 3 Michelin stars suits your fancy, eat at Le Louis XV when you’re in Monte Carlo. It’s not easy to get a reservation. The food and service are as expected of a Michelin starred restaurant (so is the bill). But if you’re ever in Monaco and can afford a few hundred dollars for dinner, do check out this gorgeous restaurant.

1. Canlis, Seattle


Image Source: Seattle Times

Canlis Seattle is one of the world’s best restaurants for an ambient meal in a rustic setting, overlooking the Seattle skyline. The restaurant offers a Pacific Northwest menu, and the restaurant has been around for over 67 years. It has some of the best wine lists in Seattle. It’s a must-visit if you’re ever in that part of the world!

Which of the restaurants on this list do you think you’ll be likely to visit? Have we missed any gorgeous restaurants that you think should be included? Do let us know below.

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