Top 10 Life Changing Books

You may read for fun, out of curiosity or to learn new things. As you read, sometimes you’ll come across life changing books in unexpected places. These books may teach you a lesson. Sometimes they may articulate your own feelings with surprising accuracy. When you’re in a dark place, some books can point you in […]


Top 10 Best-Sellers Written by Children

They may be tiny but when put to productive work, children’s brains can produce brilliant results. This can be seen by many big achievements done by kids including authoring some of the children’s best sellers available in the world. Honestly, some of the products in the list of books written by children give those done […]

Top 10 Enthralling Books of All Time

If you are a budding polymath, desirous of gaining insight into the world through diverse cultures these popular enthralling books are a must read. From the streets of metropolitan Mumbai to 18th century Russia, these popular enthralling books would give you an unmitigated viewpoint of the world. Without going on a needless rant, these are […]

Top 10 Most Futuristic Books

It is pretty easy to put together some good futuristic books when the period being written about is merely 50 years away. You can expect cyborgs, self-driving cars and genetic engineering kits to be abound in all parts of the world. Yet some of the most futuristic books take us thousands of years to the […]

Top 10 Most Exciting Criminal Autobiographies

It´s quite common for politicians and athletes to write memoirs after the end of their careers. But there are other professionals who like to put their experience on paper and share it with the world – criminals. And because the world of crime is quite attractive to the people, a criminal autobiography written by an […]

Top 10 Most Desirable Characters in Literature

Top 10 Most Desirable Characters in Literature

First, it must be said that no matter how well we try to appeal to the entirety of our readership, it would be impossible to satisfy all. The entire literary universe is so vast that it is certainly an unfathomable task to have a go at ranking the most attractive characters in literature without any […]

Top 10 Forgotten Books

There is a saying “A room without books is like a body without a soul.” Hence, if you visit a bookworm’s house, expect to see a lot of books on their shelves. Books give life and meaning to their souls. This is why they give utmost importance to every book written by numerous brilliant authors. This […]

Top 10 Books You Should Read if You Love Downton Abbey

If you are a TV drama series viewer, there is no doubt that you have either heard of or seen Downtown Abbey. It is one of the most watched and highly-anticipated television series due to its distinct style, and classic approach and cinematography. The bookworms out there, especially the historical drama lovers perhaps have already […]