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Top 10 Best-Sellers Written by Children

They may be tiny but when put to productive work, children’s brains can produce brilliant results. You can see this by many big achievements done by kids including authoring some of the children’s best sellers available in the world. Honestly, some of the products in the list of books written by children give those done by adults a run for their money. Here is the list of best sellers written by children you may want to consider buying for yourself or your kids.

10. Emily Pepys’s – Journal of Emily Pepys (1893)

Journal of Emily Pepys

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Emily Pepys is a British author born in 1883 to a wealthy family living in London. She wrote a journal at the age of ten which found its way to another family friend who saw it fit to publish it. This was one of the best decisions made by the family friend because this book received so much fame both in the UK and even the US. People agree this is among best sellers written by children for its frankness, uniqueness and command of words-especially since it was the work of a ten year old. Amazon sells the hardcover for $47.40.

9. Jacob Shaw ‘s –The Magnificent King of Pasta (2003)

The Magnificent King of Pasta

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This is another example of bestsellers written by children aged only ten. This one is by Jacob Shaw who tells William, an orphaned son to a mixed family. His father is a prudent welder while his mother on the other hand is a member of a family of villains. The poetry and skill used by Shaw to tell this story is beyond his years- he is simply good. Amazon sells the paperback for $13.99.

8. Alec Greven’s – How to Talk to Girls (2008)

How to Talk to Girls

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It is quite difficult to imagine that by the age of nine, anyone is capable of writing down tips about talking to girls. Alec Greven did just that making his resource one in the list of books written by children in 2008. His inspiration mainly came from looking at other guys trying to hang out with girls and so he understood what worked and what failed. After the release of How to Talk to Girls, he gained fame and even went ahead to write other children’s best sellers such as How to Talk to Dads, How to Talk to Moms,  and  How to Talk to Santa. Amazon sells the hardcover for $8.89.

7. Nancy Yi Fan’s – Swordbird (2003)

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You may have come across some of Nancy’s best children’s best sellers such as Sword Mountain, Swordbird and Sword Quest. This talented and daring Chinese lady sat down to write Swordbird in a period of one year. And, this changed her story completely. Opray Winfrey Show featured her once for her amazing writing work on a peace message to the world involving birds. Read it for yourself and see the connection between the two. Amazon sells the kindle for $6.99.

6. Jvoti Guptara and Suresh’s – Conspiracy of Calspia (2006)

Conspiracy of Calspia

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Twins Jvoti Guptara and Suresh are children of a mother of British origin and a father of Indian origin. Together, they sat down and authored a best-seller on the list of books written by children. This one told the story of an heir, 16 years in age, who must race to take over the reign on Calaspia and save it from extinction. By now, the book has over 70,000 printed copies and sells like hot cake. Amazon sells the hardcover for $18.12.

5. Brianna and Brittany Winner’s – The Strand Prophecy (2008)

The Strand Prophecy

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This is yet another book done by twins in their young age of 12. The title itself doesn’t seem to send the message that this is among best sellers by children. Wait until you dive into it and enjoy the skill and creativity in it; you’ll wish you never reach the last page. Through this, the twins won a Benjamin Franklin Award in the category of Best Adolescent Fiction and even began a non-profit known as Motivate 2 Learn after writing three more novels. Amazon sells the paperback for $12.60

4. Libby Rees’s – Help, Hope and Happiness (2005)

Help, Hope and Happiness

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Libby Rees is a young British writer who went through a bitter experience during the period her folks divorced when she was only 6. At the age of 9, she took to writing one of the best sellers in the list of books written by children. As you might have guessed, she uses this book to help other kids deal with divorce. This is definitely one of the greatest children’s best sellers in the world which has received a ton of attention and recognition. You will find the translation of this book in five different languages which now makes rounds all over the world. Amazon sells the paperback for $0.78.

3. Jake Marcionette’s – Just Jake (2014)

Just Jake

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Jake Marcionette is a big name in the world now. Thanks to his terrific skills in authoring some of the best-sellers written by children. At only 13 he managed to write a book known as Just Jake, a tale about a 6th grader trying desperately to maneuver his way through the social life in school. Writing is one of his inborn skills as seen in the quality of work he does with his first two novels.  Amazon sells the hardcover for $19.34

2. Tony Budolovic’s – Total Teen Adventure (2010)

Total Teen Adventure

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He is a true teenager by now but when he sat on his computer to write one of greatest children’s best sellers, he was only 10. We don’t know how he managed to write a beautiful story about teenagers when he wasn’t even one but he did anyway and the world received it with great joy. In this 180-page book, Tony explores the life of a bunch of teens who cannot believe their summer vacation has turned into a recording session when they are tricked into a strange competition. Amazon sells the paperback for $19.99.

1. Luke Herzog’s – Grifin Blade and the Bronze Finger (2014)

Grifin Blade and the Bronze Finger

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The best material in the list of books written by children is none other than Luke Herzog’s Grifin Blade and the Bronze Finger. It was published in 2014 when Luke was 14. This story revolves around Griffin Blade and is set in Alsatian, depicts the value of treasure. Griffin loses a precious gem to a man with one bronze finger. Upon his quest to find it, he discovers he, like the weird thief, has more than meets the eye. Amazon sells the paperback for $12.99.

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