Top 10 Best Tips for New Travelers

First time travellers feel various emotions such as excitement, fear and hope. People follow guidebooks for compensating for their lack of preparedness. However, people end up making travel mistakes. It is alright if you wonder what you need to do or how you need to prepare. The key is in following best travel tips possible. […]


Top 10 Isolated Isles

How does the term isolated isles make you feel? Have you ever had the urge to explore isolated islands that are uninhabited? Here is a list of top 10 isolated isles that would activate wanderlust in you. ImageCredit: Upload Wiki Media 10. Bear Island [Norway] Image Credit: Wikipedia The Bear Island is the southernmost island […]


Top 10 Strangest Tourist Destinations in the World

You probably know well world’s best tourist destinations like Paris, DisneyWorld or African Safari. Have you been there? Maybe you consider these destinations little bit boring and you are looking for something more. If you plan to really impress your friends and relatives, try to make selfie or two in one of the destinations from […]


Top 10 Beautiful Beaches in Rio de Janeiro

The holiday season is here and the beautiful beaches are ready to take in tourists from every part of the globe. What better place to visit when looking to relax in the sun amidst other fun activities than the Rio de Janeiro beaches in Brazil? All the beautiful people are found here strolling in the […]

Top 10 Unexplored Destinations in the World

There are not several frontiers left in the world as the explorers have scaled the tallest mountains as well as the deepest lakes. Your web browsers let you visit exotic, remote locales such as Galapagos. Yet, there are several unexplored destinations on the Earth that still remain uncharted. Here is a list of unexplored destinations […]


Top 10 Places to Visit When in Alaska

Should you ever find yourself in Alaska – for work or pleasure – and you are unsure of the places to visit in Alaska, we are here for you. Located at the Northwestern end of Canada, Alaska is the largest and most sparsely populated of all US states. Despite this, there are tons of places […]


Top 10 Islands With Active Volcanoes in the World

Volcanoes have been around for millions of years. Some erupt frequently while others take a longer time to show the slightest volcanic activity. A number of them erupt very rarely but once they do, mass destruction is inevitable. From the corners of the globe to the equator, we have listed the top ten islands with […]


Top 10 Peculiar Houses of Europe

Architects in Europe have pushed themselves to extremes. They have designed strange-looking but incredible buildings that have attracted tourists across the world. From museums, malls, to peculiar poultry houses, these designs have intrigued. Below are the top ten Peculiar houses of Europe. Image credit: Rum and Monkey 10., Moscow, Russia. Image credit: Born Skier […]


Top 10 Most Dangerous Cities to Travel

One of the prevalent aspects of rural–urban migration is the effect scarce resources has on the crime rate. This is usually the case in developing countries where there are limited jobs for an ever-increasing number of immigrants. Many immigrants, when faced with the disappointment of not finding the high paying jobs and better living conditions, […]


Top 10 Best Ecotourism Itineraries in the World

Eco-tourism is the new the ‘in-thing’. More and more people are looking to travel ‘green’ these days. In 2015 alone, over 53% of American tourists were booked for green travel. Ecotourism Itineraries are therefore one of the highest selling, fun-filled and rewarding tourism experience as of date. Most of the world ecotourism itineraries are located […]