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Top 10 Shocking Rock Performances

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  • Post published:April 22, 2021

When people buy a ticket for the rock concert, they expect not only to hear great music but also to see a show. That´s why the concerts are almost always accompanied by the light or fire-show altogether with the visually interesting video projection on huge screens behind the musicians on the stage. And that is also why some artists are turning showmen in front of the crowds. In fact, some of them are popular more because of their visual performance than for the quality of their music. And sometimes, the show turns to be so shocking that is will stay in memories of fans for a long time. In the following list, some of the memorable events which can be described as the „most outrageous rock performance“ are charted.

10. System Of A Down (2005)

Image Credit: Bootlegs

When the System of a Down was invited to perform in Saturday Night Life back in 2005, television censors were at attention and ready to mute any profanity in the song (the band played its hit named B.Y.O.B. which stands for Bring Your Own Bombs) but they were caught unprepared when the guitarist suddenly screamed infamous F-word. One of the unexpected shocking rock performances.

9. Iggy Pop (1979)

Image Credit: Pinterest

Iggy Pop´s Australian concert in 1979 became legendary with Iggy frantically running on the stage, sticking a microphone into his pants and finally breaking it during performing the song „I´m Bored“. The truth is that it was hardly a surprise for those who already knew Iggy Pop, but is rightfully being mentioned within the most outrageous rock performance of all time.

8. Nirvana (1992)

Image Credit: Sasuke The Hotty

When the Nirvana was invited to play at during the MTV Video Music Awards, guys wanted to play „Rape Me“ which was totally unacceptable for MTV and the station wanted Nirvana to play „Smells Like Teen Spirits“. At the end, both sides made a deal and the band was scheduled to play „Lithium“. However, when the show started, first measured of „Rape Me“ sounded. The MTV staff was in a panic and were thinking about cutting the show into an emergency break. But it was not necessary after all as Nirvana switched to „Lithium“. Nirvana is just one of the most rebellious and shock rock bands of all time.

7. The Stranglers (1977)

Image Credit: BBC

When The Stranglers were invited to the „Top of the Pops“ show in 1977, they were expected to play „No More Heroes“ but things turned to go in another way than expected. The show had the strčit lip-sync policy which was not the members of the band liked. So, they were acting strangely and moved with their lips as puppets and performing some movements like drumming in the air etc.

6. Craig Nicholls (2002)

Image Credit: Angelfire

Craig Nicholls is the frontman of the Australian band called „The Vines“. When these guys were invited to the David Letterman show, the used their chance to show a true madness. His erratic performance made it one of the most shocking rock performances.

5. Johny Rotten (1980)

Image Credit: Wikipedie

Johny Rotten is a former member of some fundamental punk bands but he is still provocative and rebellious even while performing solo. He shown this during his performance with the band „Public Image, Inc“ in the show „American Bandstand“ back in 1980. He totally ignored lip syncing and did just what he wanted to do… It is still legendary among other shocking rock performances.

4. Iron Maiden (1986)

Image Credit: The Metal Archives

In another memorable lip-sync moment, the band gave the lesson to a German TV where the Iron Maiden performed in 1986. When the pre-recorded tune started to play, members of a band switched their positions and shown to the crowd that it is only worth to see them play live. Most outrageous rock performance? Almost.

3. The Who (1967)

Image Credit: Georgia Public Broadcasting

The Who performance in the TV show called „Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour“ back in 1967. The original plan was to end the song „My Generation“ with the explosion of explosives hidden in drums. However, things went wrong went when the tripled amount of them was used by the mistake. The actual explosion was therefore much stronger and resulted in some injuries. The Who probably are not one of the most shock rock bands of all time but this event sealed their place in the list.

2. Fear (1981)

Image Credit: YouTube

The band was invited to the Saturday Night Live to play three songs. However, the performance turned into a madness in which band members started to destroy the equipment of the studio. At the beginning of the song „Let´s Have a War“, the broadcast was interrupted by the commercials. Maybe the most outrageous rock performance ever. But then there is Ozzy…

1. Ozzy Osbourne (1982)

Image Credit: The Gazette Review

The top position in out list of the most Shocking Rock Performances is probably clear. In 1982, Ozzy Osbourne bite the head of a bat during a concert in Des Moines, Iowa. He thought that the bas is a rubber toy but it was not… Clearly the most outrageous rock performance ever!

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