Unveiling the Ocean’s Apex Predators: Meet the Top 10 Most Deadliest Sharks!

Hammerhead Shark

Due to the unusual shape of their head, they are known as Hammerhead Sharks.  

Blacktip Shark

This shark was named after its black tips and pointed snout on its caudal and dorsal fins.  

Sand Tiger Shark

This shark has been named the Sand Tiger Shark for their tendency towards shoreline habitats. 

Blue Shark

It got its name for its distinct blue colour which fades to white underside. 

Bronze Whale Shark

It has a bronze upper side so it is called the Bronze Whale Shark.  

Shortfin Mako

Mako is a Maori term that means shark. It is a classically shaped shark and is a legendary swimmer.  

Oceanic Whitetip

These are big stocky sharks having big, rounded dorsal fins rounded and blunt snouts and big triangular upper teeth. 

Tiger Shark

It is named for its dark, vertical stripes that are mainly found on juveniles.  

Bull Shark

It got its name from its pugnacious reputation and stout appearance and head-butting its prey before attacking.  

Great White Shark

This is the deadliest shark of all. It got its name from its all-white belly.