Unleashing Imagination: 10 Creativity With Newspapers 

Gift Bag

Yes of course it will save you money but above all, it will be something unique and will add a personal touch.  

Rolled Flowers Wreath

A wreath made of newspaper will be more beautiful and attractive than you could have imagined.  

Newspaper Wigs

This is an excellent example of newspaper creativity. 

Coiled Coasters

You can add some personal touch to your dining table with coiled coasters made of newspaper. 

Newspaper Eggs

Another exciting newspaper creativity that you can try your hands at will be the newspaper eggs.  

Newspaper Envelopes

Homemade envelopes will add some personal touch to a letter or card and it is very simple to make.  

Newsprint on Nails

Nail art is something that girls are going gaga over these days. 

Newspaper Waste Bins

It is easy to make, eco-friendly and can even brighten up your home if you make it using glossy and colourful newspaper. 

Shredded Newspaper Lantern

You can add life to any plain or old lantern at home by fixing small pieces of newspaper into it for a prompt upgrade.  

Newspaper Wall Map

The possibilities of creativity with newspapers are truly endless.