Top 10 Reasons Dogs Show Bad Behaviour

Lack of exercise

Exercise burns the dog’s excess energy, and helps it maintain a healthy state of mind.  

Abuse and neglect in the past

The dog may generally get along well, but then you’ll find a specific situation that may trigger the problematic behaviours 

Lack of social interactions as a puppy

If your puppy hasn’t had a lot of social interaction growing up, with other animals or people .

Traumatic experiences with other dogs

One of the reasons dogs show bad behaviours towards other dogs is that they’ve had traumatic experiences with other dogs when they were young. 

The owner’s behaviour

Dog aggression is not premeditated. It may happen when the dog feels the need to protect its ‘pack’. 


This may be fear from a traumatic experience. Or it may be fear from lack of proper socialization. 

A painful medical condition

Of course, pain can make dogs angry. You never know when the poor animal can get aggressive with the pain. 

The desire to protect territory or possession

One of the reasons dogs show bad behaviours is that they’re territorial or trying to protect their favourite toy, bone etc. 

A neurological condition

A central nervous system disease (CNS) can also lead to aggressive behaviour.  


Frustration can also be a reason.